Top 5 mobile esport games that any true gamer cannot ignore

17/05/2023 Sports betting

Esports is the fastest-growing segment in the gaming industry. Indeed, it is vastly different from MMO grinding or online shooters. Esports games always ensure absolute fairness and the highest level of competition possible, not to mention their ability to sustain and grow over many years. Dota 2 and League of Legends are prime examples of the frenzied development of Esports. The mobile platform is also not exempt from this trend, as it has welcomed numerous renowned Esports titles in recent years, even witnessing large-scale tournaments that rival those on PC. So, what is the hottest mobile esport right now? In the following article, Wintips experts will reveal it to you.

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What is mobile esports?

Technological advancements, accompanied by the emergence of a series of powerful smartphones, have given rise to a range of Mobile Esports games. With skill requirements and fierce competition from players, Mobile Esports has gradually asserted itself and expanded within the gaming community.

Mobile Esports involves competitive electronic gaming for professional players, taking place online with the participation of multiple players. Esports on mobile devices can be played on smartphones or tablets, with players controlling their devices through on-screen buttons to compete.

Unlike traditional sports that take place in real sports venues like football fields or basketball courts, Mobile Esports takes place in a virtual environment, specific to each game. Furthermore, instead of relying on physical agility as in conventional sports, Mobile Esports players need to master the technique of controlling virtual buttons on their mobile devices in a professional and skillful manner.

Top 5 best mobile esport games in the market

Mobile esports encompass every genre, from racing games to tower defense titles, to full-bloodied MOBAs and first-person shooters. The following are the genres that are most loved and participated by many players on the market: 

1. PUBG Mobile – Esports mobile game attractive

PUBG Mobile has become the hottest mobile title worldwide, backed by the Chinese gaming giant Tencent. It can be accessed on virtually any platform or emulated onto a PC through dedicated software and is even playable in countries where it was previously banned for national security concerns.

PUBG Mobile - Esports mobile game attractive
PUBG Mobile – Esports mobile game attractive

This mobile gaming success comes with a whopping $5 million prize pool, which is twice that of Arena of Valor and Free Fire, and it all boils down to its incredible format. One hundred players parachute onto an island in search of weapons and supplies–all while trying to stay the last person alive. Although battle royale games were around before PUBG, they hit the spotlight and solidified mobile Esports thanks to this revolutionary title.

2. AOG – The pinnacle of mobile esports games

AOG – Arena of Glory continues to be a fresh breeze for the mobile MOBA gaming scene. Unlike its predecessors, AOG offers a slower and more strategic gameplay experience. There are no flashy jumps or map traversal mechanics; instead, AOG demands calculated thinking and team coordination at the highest level. Moreover, AOG incorporates unique features such as map design, pet itemization, ward placement, and teleportation to create a distinct gaming experience not found in any other mobile MOBA.

Based on its strategic values, AOG stands out as the most promising mobile MOBA game for esports development. It fosters a creative community that shapes unique metas and provides great opportunities for players to pursue a career in professional esports. You can embark on your journey to join the competitive scene by downloading the game and participating in AOG’s first official tournament.

AOG - The pinnacle of mobile esports games
AOG – The pinnacle of mobile esports games

3. Survival Heroes – The best mobile esports game

Alongside the thriving Battle Royale genre in the global gaming industry, the gaming community has witnessed the emergence of a new gameplay formula. It combines elements of MOBA and Battle Royale, resembling a fusion between PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor, as coined by many gamers. In this game, players experience the familiar mechanics of survival, such as looting and evading, while still incorporating MOBA aspects like movement mechanics and skill systems. This style has created an unprecedented wave in the gaming community, where players seek innovation within familiar gameplay and strive for both survival and epic moments like Penta Kills.

Survival Heroes - The best mobile esports game
Survival Heroes – The best mobile esports game

4. Arena of Valor – A must-play esports mobile game

While not as strategically focused as AOG, Arena of Valor Mobile has gathered a significant player base by being one of the pioneers in the genre. With a strong investment in esports tournaments, Arena of Valor Mobile has secured its position in the mobile esports scene. It is from here that professional players and renowned streamers in the mobile MOBA community have risen to prominence.

Arena of Valor - A must-play esports mobile game
Arena of Valor – A must-play esports mobile game

5. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang remains the most popular mobile esports game for the second consecutive year. The game’s broadcasting hours increased by nearly 7% in 2022, despite a 14.4% decrease in viewership. This can be attributed to the main tournament of the season, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championship, scheduled for January 2023.

It’s worth noting that the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship was the most-watched MLBB tournament in 2021, with a peak viewership of nearly 3.2 million. MPL ID Season 9 led the discipline in terms of peak viewership in 2022, with the Grand Finals attracting over 2.84 million peak viewers. Additionally, the most popular international tournament was the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022, with the Grand Finals reaching a peak viewership of 2.8 million.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Advantages and limitations of Mobile Esport

1. Advantages

  • For professional players:

Participating in mobile esport enables players to maintain agility, good reflexes, and other skills. Additionally, they can generate stable income from professional competitions and other revenue sources such as advertising and brand endorsements.

For spectators and fans: Similar to many other sports like football, mobile esports provides an exhilarating experience through each match. Mobile esports also inspires and fuels the passion of many individuals, helping them gain confidence in pursuing their dreams.

For businesses and investors: The growing popularity of mobile esports games brings commercial benefits to bookmaker sportsbook, investors, and various businesses involved in advertising, merchandise sales, team jerseys, etc. Even small internet cafes can increase their revenue during major tournament days.

2. Limitations

  • For professional players:

Extended periods of competitive play can have a significant impact on the health of professional players, potentially leading to issues such as spinal problems and diabetes. The career span in this field is also relatively short, putting pressure on players to achieve success at an early stage. Moreover, players may have to sacrifice their education to pursue their esports careers. Additionally, players need to remain vigilant to avoid negative occurrences outside the arena, such as match-fixing, especially when they are young.

  • For spectators and fans:

Excessive involvement in mobile esports games can cause viewers to waste time and neglect their primary responsibilities. This is especially true for adolescents who are still developing their cognitive abilities, as they may develop misconceptions and confuse mobile esports with gaming addiction, leading to concerns for many parents.


In conclusion, mobile gaming is here to stay for a long time, and its popularity cannot be denied. With an increasing number of developers creating engaging experiences and tournaments becoming more lucrative, mobile esports will continue to gain popularity. With the top 5 mobile esport games mentioned above, we hope it helps you choose your favorite game. Enjoy playing!

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