The most aggressive footballers in the world all of time

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Passion, diligence, dynamism, and enthusiasm in football are not hard to come by. There are players who always take the field with the highest determination, ready to do whatever it takes for the team’s benefit. Of course, dynamism sometimes comes with unwarranted actions. This means these players have to accept penalties from referees. Dynamism in football is necessary; it helps boost team spirit. However, caution and necessary restraint must always be exercised. In this article, let’s take a look at Wintips “Top 10 most aggressive footballers” right below.

10 most aggressive footballers in the world
10 most aggressive footballers in the world

Top 10 most aggressive footballers in the world

1/ N’Golo Kanté

N’Golo Kanté is a defensive midfielder currently playing for Chelsea FC and the French national team. He was born on March 29, 1991, in Paris, France. Kanté is regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world of football today, thanks to his determined spirit, exceptional physical fitness, and impressive ball recovery abilities.

10 most aggressive footballers in the world
Kante’s aggressiveness, enthusiasm and aggressiveness make him stand out

After shining at Leicester City, Kanté was signed by Chelsea for £32 million. He quickly secured a starting position in The Blues’ lineup, regardless of the manager in charge. In his first season at Chelsea, Kanté played a pivotal role in helping the club clinch the Premier League title. He also had the opportunity to lift the Champions League trophy with Chelsea in 2021.

With the French national team, Kanté has participated in numerous major tournaments. He was a key player in the squad that won the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Kanté has earned 53 caps for the national team, scoring 2 goals.

2/ Ander Herrera – Most aggressive footballers

Simple and understated, Ander Herrera lives a modest life amidst the “Theatre of Dreams.” In the midst of the highest glamour of the football world, Herrera maintains admirable qualities. Ander Herrera possesses a passionate and intelligent style of play and was a crucial player in the squads of both Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho.

Every time he plays, Ander Herrera always plays hard
Every time he plays, Ander Herrera always plays hard

In July 2019, the Spanish midfielder decided to part ways with Manchester United after failing to reach an agreement on a new contract.

Subsequently, he joined PSG on a free transfer. Despite leaving the Red Devils, Herrera’s heart always remains with the club. He once stated that Manchester United is still his club, and he loves it dearly. Herrera affirms that he still follows the club, watches their matches, and keeps in touch with some players.

3/ Nemanja Vidic – Most aggressive footballers

Nemanja Vidic was born on October 21, 1981, and is a former professional footballer from Serbia. He began his career as a player for Red Star Belgrade in 2000 before moving to Russia to play for Spartak Moscow. It was here that he started to shine, attracting the attention of major clubs.

Man Utd captain, warrior - Nemanja Vidic
Man Utd captain, warrior – Nemanja Vidic

From the 2007/2008 season onwards, alongside Ferdinand, he formed one of the world’s best defensive partnerships, a formidable wall in front of the goal. He was a crucial part of the campaign that secured the Champions League title in 2008. In his 7 seasons with Manchester United, Nemanja Vidic made a total of 300 appearances and scored 21 goals across all competitions.

4/ Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard is adored by Liverpool fans for his passion and unbridled intensity. Although he has had some on-field altercations, it’s his off-field behavior that has garnered attention. In 2008, Gerrard was charged with assault following a brawl during a night out.

10 most aggressive footballers in the world
S. Gerrard is an immortal icon at Liverpool FC

The altercation was captured on CCTV, although the charges against him were ultimately dropped. Prior to that, Gerrard was alleged to have ties with some shady characters in Merseyside. He was said to have hired John Kinsella, a boxer and martial arts expert, to look after Liverpool underworld boss George Bromley Jr.

5/ Sergio Ramos – Most aggressive footballers

Sergio Ramos is a physically strong, combative, and proactive ball-winning player. He often faces criticism from the media for his excessive use of force, recklessness on the field, as well as lack of discipline and tendency to pick up unnecessary cards.

10 most aggressive footballers in the world
In terms of aggressiveness, Sergio Ramos is a player with more than enough

The Spanish player holds the record for the most cards in La Liga, with 191. His 171 yellow cards surpass Alberto Lopo, who previously held the record for the most yellow cards in La Liga. The remaining 20 cards are red, making Ramos the player with the most dismissals in La Liga.

6/ Gennaro Gattuso – Most aggressive footballers

Gennaro Gattuso is renowned for his energetic, tenacious, combative, and formidable playing style. His resilience on the field, demonstrated through fierce challenges and endurance, earned him the nickname “Ringhio” (The Growl).

10 most aggressive footballers in the world
“The Butcher” was Gattuso’s nickname when he was playing

In addition to his footballing abilities, Gattuso stands out for his competitive spirit, determination, and leadership qualities. The Italian player is considered one of the finest defensive midfielders in football history.

7/ Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney’s hot temper has always been his Achilles’ heel at Manchester United. The forward has always been a passionate player, but his passion sometimes spilled over into something more sinister.

Man Utd's best number 10 in over 20 years - Wayne Rooney
Man Utd’s best number 10 in over 20 years – Wayne Rooney

Whether the cameras are focused on him or not, Rooney will kick, headbutt, stomp, and curse at opponents if something rubs him the wrong way. In the past, the media has labeled him a ‘thug’ and a ‘yob’. Sometimes, those might not be entirely inaccurate assessments.

8/ Didier Drogba

Indeed, Didier Drogba’s knack for going down easily has been a point of contention throughout his career. While some may criticize him for what they perceive as diving, others argue that it’s a strategic move to draw fouls and gain an advantage for his team. Drogba’s ability to win free kicks and penalties has undoubtedly contributed to his reputation as a formidable striker.

As a striker, Didier Drogba has always been very versatile and aggressive
As a striker, Didier Drogba has always been very versatile and aggressive

His theatrical antics, often accompanied by dramatic falls and gestures, have been witnessed by many on the pitch. However, it’s important to recognize that these actions are part of his playing style and are often employed to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm or provoke a reaction from defenders.

Despite the controversies surrounding his style of play, there’s no denying Drogba’s physical prowess.

9/ Paul Scholes – Most aggressive footballers

Paul Scholes is known for his exceptional ability to dictate play in midfield and control the flow of the game. However, he is also notorious for being a tough tackler, sometimes overly so. Scholes has often faced criticism for his rough tackling, leading to speculation about malicious intent.

The legendary Paul Scholes with world-class long passes
The legendary Paul Scholes with world-class long passes

The English midfielder also has a staggering disciplinary record, receiving the fifth-most yellow cards in Premier League history with 97 and also accumulating 4 red cards. Paul Scholes has also been shown a yellow card 32 times in the UEFA Champions League, second only to Sergio Ramos. He is one of the few footballers to retire and then return to playing.

10/ Ryan Shawcross – Most aggressive footballers

Ryan Shawcross is renowned for his uncompromising style of play and has often crossed the line when facing Arsenal. In November 2008, Arsenal clashed with Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium. Three Arsenal players were injured, but one particularly notable challenge stood out for its blatant malice.

10 most aggressive footballers in the world
Stoke City captain midfielder Ryan Shawcross

As the ball went out of play while Emmanuel Adebayor was shielding it, Shawcross maliciously stood on Adebayor’s shin with clear intent to cause harm. Shawcross succeeded in injuring Adebayor, who was unable to continue and missed three weeks of action.

In January 2010, Arsenal faced Stoke in the FA Cup. Arsenal lost 1-3 in a physical encounter, and Stoke deservedly emerged victorious. However, a superb challenge by Shawcross resulted in him receiving a yellow card, although the referee, Martin Atkinson, incompetently failed to penalize Shawcross for a foul on Cesc Fabregas.


Football has always been a physically demanding sport. Whenever the ball comes into play, players rush at each other with high speed, along with powerful strikes that can cause bodily injuries and head trauma. In modern times, the game of football is less tolerant of more aggressive plays, and while referees nowadays officiate matches more strictly, there are still players who are very combative. Above is the list of “10 most aggressive footballers” that the online bookmakers website sends to you, hoping you will be satisfied with the sports knowledge you have read.

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