Motor Racing Betting Guide for New Players

Motor racing is a sport launched in the 90s, creating a craze and attracting a huge number of participants and followers. Viewers are extremely interested in the speedy, adventurous racing stages, gradually the tournaments are held. Motor racing betting has also since become the focus of attention of bettors every time the season comes. In today’s article, win tips will join everyone to Motor Racing Betting Guide.

The guide to participating in motor racing betting is extremely simple
The guide to participating in motor racing betting is extremely simple

About Motorcycle Racing Betting

People can understand in a simple way that motorcycle racing betting is the form that betting participants will predict according to the bet that the bookmaker has announced, if you guess, you will receive extremely attractive payout rates.

In the world today, many professional motorcycle racing tournaments are held every year such as Moto GP, Supersport Racing, Motocross, Supermoto … riders will conquer the roads with large motorcycles, whoever finishes first is the winner.

Guide to betting on motorcycle racing

There will be many categories for betting in each motorcycle racing season, divided into 3 types: Moto3, Moto2, and MotoGP. Racers will participate in multiple races, and each race will be scored separately. At the end of the season, the points from each race will be added up to determine the rankings.

After each race, only the top 15 racers will be awarded points. The winner will receive 25 points, the second place will receive 20 points, and the third place will receive 16 points. The remaining racers will receive 1 point each, starting from fourth place down to fifteenth place.

After learning about motorcycle racing betting, to participate in betting at a bookmaker, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose a reputable bookmaker and register an account for betting on motorcycle racing

Currently, there are many bookmakers offering betting, making it difficult to choose a reputable one. A reputable and high-quality bookmaker should meet the following criteria:

  • Well-known bookmakers such as M88, W88, Fun88, 12Bet…
12Bet is the leading bookmaker when it comes to motor racing betting
12Bet is the leading bookmaker when it comes to motor racing betting
  • Transparent and clear promotion programs.
  • Specific instructions for betting. Customer service works conscientiously and thoughtfully.
  • Intuitive interface, easy-to-observe odds, and simple betting management.
  • Deposits and withdrawals should be fast, safe, and secure.

After selecting a bookmaker, register for an account and deposit money to participate in betting on motorcycle racing.

Step 2: Choose a motor racing betting product

Log in to 12Bet and choose motor racing betting
Log in to 12Bet and choose motor racing betting

In the list of sports you click on motor racing to bet.

Step 3: Place a motor racing bet

Make bets for your favorite racers and teams
Make bets for your favorite racers and teams

Matches and types of betting will appear, you need to learn and judge the result and then proceed to bet on the riders you choose, pay attention to the final result.

Types of betting in motor racing

Like other sports betting, when participating in motor racing betting, the bookmakers will offer a variety of bets for players to place their bets on. Since this is an individual sport, you will place your bet on a specific racer participating in the season. Motor racing betting has 3 main types of popular bets that players prefer.

Betting on the season’s top rider

As mentioned above, the season will determine the champion by calculating the total points through each race. Betting on the rider who stands at the top position throughout the season is a type of bet that bookmakers offer for players to bet on. This is also a type of bet with simple rules and high winning amounts, so it is very popular. However, players need to keep track of the matches continuously and cannot predict whether the rider will maintain their form or not. For better insights and increased chances of success, check out our expert betting tips win.

Betting on the top rider in a race

Can be all in on betting on strong riders
Can be all in on betting on strong riders

If you cannot keep track of all matches in a season, betting on the top rider in each race is the second option for you. Each race, riders’ form will change up and down, so you only need to see the rider’s form in the short period close to the match to know. Therefore, those who have little experience or want quick and easy betting to receive immediate money will choose this form of betting.

Betting on the points a rider achieves throughout the season

For those who have a passion for this sport and have free time to keep track of all races throughout the season, players can completely bet on a specific number of points for any rider they like. After each race, the points of each rider will change, but to determine who wins, it has to wait until the end of the season. But if 2 or 3 riders are closely competing with each other and cannot predict who will win, you can bet on a certain number of points for the riders ranked lower and have a more stable performance.


Above is the Motor Racing Betting Guide that we share with readers. So, now new players have full knowledge about how to bet on motorcycle racing, one of the most dangerous and challenging sports. Join friends and racers to participate in the famous race with skillful bends and corners.

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