NFL Futures Bets - What you need to know to win?

The National Football League, or NFL for short, is an American football league for men in the United States. The tournament had 32 teams participating. The league was started in 1920 and went through 2 mergers with the AAFC and AFC leagues. The tournament takes place from the first 5th of September and ends the first Sunday of February the following year. In rugby betting there are many different forms and odds. One form of interest to many players is futures betting. So, what is NFL futures bets? Why bet on the future? Let’s find out with experts through the content below.

Information about NFL Futures Bets 
Information about NFL Futures Bets

What is NFL Futures Bets?

NFL Futures Bets are a type of sports betting where you place wagers on outcomes that will be determined at a later time, typically at the end of the NFL season or even beyond. These bets focus on long-term events rather than individual games. The term “futures” reflects the idea that you’re betting on events that will happen in the future, such as the outcome of the Super Bowl, conference championships, division winners, and player awards.

Placing bets on NFL futures offers the potential for profitability and excitement by predicting early-season outcomes. However, it’s essential to exercise caution, as committing a significant sum to an NFL futures bet can result in your funds being locked up for an extended period. An NFL futures bet involves wagering on upcoming professional football events, often scheduled later in the year.

Common Forms of NFL Futures Bets 

NFL Super Bowl Futures 

NFL Super Bowl futures attract widespread interest, often appearing on numerous sports betting apps immediately after the conclusion of the present season’s Super Bowl. This optimistic period usually yields optimal NFL futures opportunities; however, the impact of free agency and the NFL Draft can shift the prime time for making Super Bowl selections to May or beyond. Throughout the upcoming season, you can also engage in NFL futures 2024 selections, with these future odds being adapted as the season unfolds.


The AP NFL MVP accolade represents the pinnacle of NFL player futures, typically favoring a quarterback from a prominent NFL team as the recipient. Provided here are NFL future odds from BetMGM for five leading contenders vying for this season’s award:

  • Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals (+650).
  • Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs (+650).
  • Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (+750).
  • Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers (+900).
  • Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (+1000).

NFL Regular Season Win Totals

Another sought-after NFL future betting option is the over/under win total prediction for the forthcoming season.

NFL futures win wagers offer a season-long incentive to support an NFL team
NFL futures win wagers offer a season-long incentive to support an NFL team
  • Buffalo Bills: Over/under of 10.5 wins (-130 for the over, +110 for the under).
  • Chicago Bears: Over/under of 7.5 wins (-120 for the over, +100 for the under).
  • Cincinnati Bengals: Over/under of 11.5 wins (+100 for the over, -120 for the under).
  • Dallas Cowboys: Over/under of 10 wins (-115 for the over, -105 for the under).
  • Kansas City Chiefs: Over/under of 11.5 wins (-125 for the over, +105 for the under).
  • New York Giants: Over/under of 8.5 wins (+140 for the over, -165 for the under).
  • New York Jets: Over/under of 9.5 wins (-130 for the over, +110 for the under).
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Over/under of 11 wins (-115 for the over, -105 for the under).
  • San Francisco 49ers: Over/under of 10.5 wins (-120 for the over, +100 for the under).
  • Washington Commanders: Over/under of 7.5 wins (+125 for the over, -150 for the under).

NFL Playoff Futures

With the NFL playoffs now expanded to include 14 teams, the allure of NFL playoff futures odds has surged, given that nearly half of the franchises will secure postseason berths. Here, presented are the 2024 NFL futures odds from Caesars Sportsbook for various prominent teams in this realm:

  • Dallas Cowboys: (-210 to make playoffs, +175 to miss playoffs).
  • Detroit Lions: (-170 to make playoffs, +140 to miss playoffs).
  • Baltimore Ravens: (-160 to make playoffs, +130 to miss playoffs).
  • Seattle Seahawks: (-130 to make playoffs, +110 to miss playoffs).
  • Miami Dolphins: (-115 to make playoffs, -105 to miss playoffs).
  • New York Giants: (+140 to make playoffs, -170 to miss playoffs).
  • Minnesota Vikings: (+120 to make playoffs, -140 to miss playoffs).
  • Cleveland Browns: (+110 to make playoffs, -130 to miss playoffs).
  • New England Patriots: (+250 to make playoffs, -320 to miss playoffs).
  • Los Angeles Rams: (+250 to make playoffs, -320 to miss playoffs).

NFL Division Winners

The NFL’s divisional structure, consisting of four-team divisions, frequently generates prime opportunities for NFL futures selections on division winners, ranking among the top NFL future bets. Presented here are the favored division winners.

NFL Division Winners are very popular
NFL Division Winners are very popular
  • AFC East: Buffalo Bills (+130).
  • AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals (+125).
  • AFC South: Jacksonville Jaguars (-160).
  • AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs (-160).
  • NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles (+100).
  • NFC North: Detroit Lions (+145).
  • NFC South: New Orleans Saints (+135).
  • NFC West: San Francisco 49ers (-175).

NFL Players of the Year Futures

While the NFL MVP award holds considerable prominence, numerous other individual accolades offer prime opportunities for some of the most favorable NFL futures bets.

  • NFL Offensive Player of the Year: Typically bestowed upon a non-quarterback with exceptional performance, this award serves as a recognition for the top skill position player of the year.
  • NFL Defensive Player of the Year: Often claimed by the premier pass rusher, this award has seen only one non-pass rusher (Stephon Gilmore in 2019) win since 2014.
  • NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year: Unlike other awards, this accolade transcends positional favoritism, with running backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers equally eligible winners over the past decade.
  • NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year: In recent times, edge pass rushers have dominated this award, yet historical trends reveal its inclusivity for outstanding defensive players from various positions.
  • NFL Comeback Player of the Year: This award usually recognizes players who triumph over significant injuries to return to the field.

NFL Stat Leader Futures

Amidst the most prolific offensive era in NFL history, placing NFL futures bets on NFL stat leaders emerges as one of the most exhilarating betting opportunities. This genre encompasses determinations like predicting the league’s leader in passing yards or touchdown passes, a feat accomplished by Patrick Mahomes in both domains last season. Selections for the 2024 season are open, with the 2024 NFL futures odds for these categories anticipated shortly after Super Bowl 58.

  • Passing yards: Patrick Mahomes (+400).
  • Rushing yards: Jonathan Taylor (+700).
  • Receiving yards: Justin Jefferson (+650).

Top 4 Best NFL Futures Betting Addresses 2024

1/ BetMGM

The online bookmaker BetMGM has a full range of NFL futures, with wager types including exact outcomes, straight, Top 2 and dual forecasts for every division plus the ability to bet on whether a team will finish first through fourth in its respective division.

The top NFL futures bookmaker is BetMGM
The top NFL futures bookmaker is BetMGM

The BetMGM bonus code USATODAY has a first bet offer up to $1,000 for new customers, a deal that will provide a bonus bet refund up to $1,000 for an opening wager loss.

2/ Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook has 21 separate NFL futures bet categories, a list with items such as regular season MVP, the leaders in seven main statistical listings and a Super Bowl exacta wager. The Caesars Sportsbook promo code USATODAYFULL gives first time customers a first-bet offer up to $1,250 on Caesars that offsets an initial bet loss with a bonus bet of equal value, up to $1,250.

Caesars Sportsbook is so famous for NFL betting
Caesars Sportsbook is so famous for NFL betting

You also get 1,000 Tier credits and 1,000 Rewards credits in the Caesars Rewards program with this introductory deal.

3/ DraftKings

DraftKings is arguably the king when it comes to a variety of NFL futures bet types, as it has dozens of wagers in many categories, including team futures, awards, player futures, player totals, season specials, division specials and more.

The NFL betting interface at DraftKings is very modern
The NFL betting interface at DraftKings is very modern

The DraftKings promo code grants new customers a bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets instantly deal that can deliver a greater than 40-1 return regardless if your opening bet wins or loses.

4/ FanDuel

FanDuel could make a claim for the top NFL futures sportsbook based on volume alone, but another standout element here are rare NFL futures markets such as defensive props and exact regular season win totals.

FanDuel's NFL odds are high
FanDuel’s NFL odds are high

In the FanDuel promo code helps new bettors with their opening wager via its No Sweat First Bet that gives a bonus bet refund of a first bet loss, up to $1,000.

Reading Guide NFL Futures Bets Odds

There are three ways that online sportsbooks list their NFL future odds, but all of them are simply methods to show you what your profit would be if you were to make NFL future bets. Below are the three ways, along with explanations of how each method works.

  • American Odds: American odds are the prevailing format, encompassing both negative and positive numbers. Negative figures indicate the required wager for a $100 profit, like a -110 odds bet necessitating a $110 wager for a $100 gain. Conversely, positive numbers reveal the potential profit from a $100 bet, such as a +250 odds pick delivering a $250 profit on a winning $100 bet.
  • Decimal Odds: Decimal odds although less common in the United States, find widespread global use. Remarkably intuitive with a $10 wager as reference, a 1.75 odds bet in NFL futures would yield $17.50 in profit upon success.
  • Fraction Odds: The Fraction Odds are easily grasped when envisioning a $10 NFL futures bet at 3-1 odds. Representing the “1” side of the wager, a triumph would yield a $30 payout. Fraction odds are more prevalent internationally than in the United States.

There are online betting calculators that can assist you in determining potential payouts for various types of odds. This can help standardize comparisons when considering different odds formats on websites that don’t use the same odds type. The best NFL betting apps can also provide comparison tools.

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Steps to register and bet on NFL Futures Bets

Each online sportsbook boasts a distinct user interface to facilitate new account registration. While these interfaces vary, there are common steps you must undertake before indulging in NFL-style future bets. Initiating the procedure involves selecting and downloading a sports betting app, followed by enrolling in one of the app’s promotional offers. Within this sign-up process, you’ll be prompted to furnish essential personal details, encompassing your name and address, necessary for account creation.

For BetMGM registrations, the BetMGM bonus code USATODAY must also be entered in the designated field, while Caesars Sportsbook sign-ups mandate the Caesars Sportsbook promo code USATODAYFULL in the relevant section. Subsequently, a verification phase follows, confirming your presence in a state where the online sportsbook holds a license and your compliance with the legal betting age within that jurisdiction. 

Betting on NFL futures is simple
Betting on NFL futures is simple

Fulfilling the minimum deposit requirement is also essential. Upon completing these stages, you’ll gain access to the app’s NFL betting section, specifically tailored for locating NFL futures wagers.

FAQ so NFL Futures Bets

How do NFL futures odds work?

NFL futures odds operate by allowing you to place bets on future outcomes of events within the NFL. For instance, let’s say you believe the New York Jets will emerge as the AFC East champions in the 2024 NFL season. To make this wager, visit the NFL futures section on your chosen online sportsbook and place your bet. If the Jets do win the division, your bet is successful, and the profits from your wager will be credited to your account.

Can I parlay NFL futures?

Yes, NFL futures can be combined in parlays with other NFL futures or any available parlay bets. Add the desired parlays to your betting slip and include the NFL futures parlay you’re interested in. Remember that every component of the parlay must win for your bet to be successful. Therefore, you’ll need to wait until the NFL futures bet settles before your parlay wager can be declared a winner.

How do NFL futures pay out?

NFL futures payouts function like typical bets. After your winning bet is resolved, the winnings are promptly added to your account. These funds can then be withdrawn or used for further wagers.

Are NFL futures worth it?

NFL futures offer entertainment value and the potential for significant payouts due to their often lucrative odds. However, they are generally considered riskier bets with lower success rates. It’s advisable to view them as supplementary wagers rather than a primary strategy for building a betting bankroll.

When is the best time to bet NFL futures?

The initial NFL futures for an upcoming season are typically released shortly after the previous season’s Super Bowl. This provides an extended timeframe for making NFL futures bets. To maximize your advantage during this period, conduct thorough research and compare odds from different sportsbooks. Offseason player movements through free agency and the draft can influence odds, making it beneficial to track these developments and make informed bets before the season begins.


Above is all information about NFL Futures Bets that we synthesize, analyze and share with you. Maybe for some, this type of bet is relatively new. However, try reading, referencing and experiencing. We believe that you will never have to feel disappointed. NFL Futures Bets are available at a lot of online football bookmakers. You can consider the option to bet and win, good luck.

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