Simple and fast W88 withdrawal guide

22/05/2023 Betting guide

How to withdraw w88? As one of the leading names in Asia today, W88 always gives customers peace of mind as well as absolute satisfaction by its professional level, which is also clearly shown through deposit and withdrawal transactions at this bookmaker. Because most other bookmakers withdraw money is always a problem because the withdrawal w88 rules are quite complicated and the refund time is quite slow. At the W88 bookmaker, players can make W88 withdrawals to their accounts at any time they want, the transaction process is done quickly and neatly. In the article below, will guide you to withdraw W88 money with just the basics to receive your winnings to your bank account right away!

Detailed W88 withdrawal guide
Detailed W88 withdrawal guide

A summary of popular withdrawals at W88

  • Bank transfer: This is the basic form of withdrawal used by many people, helping to withdraw cash from the bookmaker quickly without any costs. Just owning a personal bank account, players can easily withdraw money to their bank account. It is also a method that allows players to withdraw with the highest maximum amount of most W88 bookmaker withdrawal methods.
  • Withdraw money by phone scratch card: Similar to how to w88 withdraw money with a game card, when making withdrawals via phone scratch cards, players will not lose any fees and can withdraw money anytime, anywhere. However, the waiting time when executing a withdrawal order via a phone card will be relatively long. In addition, because the phone card denomination is only worth the largest amount of 21$, if you want to withdraw a lot, players will spend a lot of time to make transactions.
  • W88 withdrawal with game card: This method will help players quickly withdraw money in the form of game card codes. The advantage helps to limit the risk of holding winnings, but must incur the additional fee if you want to convert it into cash.

The most detailed W88 withdrawal guide

How to do w88 withdraw W88 with bank transfer

This is the method with the easiest W88 withdrawal rules to do, the operation on computers and mobile phones is quite similar, only slightly different in interface, the steps are the same, so gamblers at w88 can easily do it with the instructions below:

Step 1: Log in to your W88 account and transfer funds to your Master Account

Use the official W88 links below to access the W88 bookmaker and start withdrawing money.

When participating in betting games at W88, players need to split their capital to sub-funds if they want to play games such as Sports, Poker, Lottery,… Therefore, when it is necessary to make a withdrawal, the first thing is that you need to transfer the funds to the original main fund. This operation is quite simple, just fill in the information and enter the amount you want to withdraw in the required item.

Step 2: Reconfirm W88 withdrawal information

The W88 interface will appear a table of withdrawal amount information and bank information that the player is using. For example, if you want to withdraw 2 million, enter 2000 as shown below.

First the player needs to transfer money from the secondary fund to the main fund
First the player needs to transfer money from the secondary fund to the main fund

Step 3: Successful withdrawal

After performing the above operation, you will receive a notification of the last transaction code. Accordingly, the amount of the main fund that the player has just withdrawn will be deducted. At this point, your withdrawal is complete.

Enter the W88 withdrawal information and wait for successful confirmation
Enter the W88 withdrawal information and wait for successful confirmation

Now players just need to wait for the withdrawal money to be transferred to the bank account. Rest assured because bookmaker W88 has an extremely fast payment transaction processing system.

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W88 withdrawal with game card

In addition to withdrawing money by bank account and phone card, W88 bookmaker also supports members to withdraw money through game cards. This is a form of withdrawal that rarely appears in the online bookmaker market. The player proceeds to transfer funds -> select the Game Card and fill in the information as shown below.

The advantage of this method is that there is no need to use a bank account. Players can freely withdraw money anonymously and at any time, extremely convenient and without any additional fees. However, the W88 withdrawal method with the game card has a long waiting time and players can only use this game card to make W88 deposits. In case you want to convert the game card to cash, you must go directly to the authorized W88 dealer to be able to proceed with the conversion.

The notes on W88 withdrawal conditions should be clear

With just simple steps, you can successfully withdraw W88 easily. However, in order for the withdrawal process to take place smoothly, players need to pay attention to the following things:

Reputable W88 bookmaker in both games and online trading
Reputable W88 bookmaker in both games and online trading

Withdrawal time at W88

  • With banks W88 links: From 15 – 30 minutes.
  • With the remaining banks: From 1 to 3 hours.
  • On holidays, players need to wait 1-3 days.

Be proactive about the withdrawal time so that you can receive the money and use it in accordance with your plan. After a successful withdrawal process, the amount of money in the main account will decrease.

When withdrawing money at W88, players need to enter the amount they want to withdraw to remove 3 zeros. With the form of withdrawing money by bank account, players need to use the main account, not borrow another player’s account. Make sure your information provided at the W88 bookmaker is absolutely accurate. This will help people save time and avoid being re-entered information over and over again.

Summing up

With only 3 basic steps, players can easily withdraw money at the w88 bookmaker without having to wait too long. If you encounter any difficulties or questions when withdrawing money, please quickly contact the W88 consultant for assistance with answers. Good luck!

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