The safest W88 deposit guide

22/05/2023 Betting guide

Depositing W88 is an important process that bettors cannot ignore to start betting at W88. As one of the best online betting sites in Asia today that is popular with many players, W88 also has a lot of different deposit methods and payment w88 to support players to make the easiest and fastest deposits. In the following article, we will show everyone how to deposit to W88 in great detail and easy to understand so that new players can also recharge and play W88 betting in the easiest way.

The most detailed W88 deposit guide
The most detailed W88 deposit guide

To be able to make a deposit to the W88 bookmaker, you first need to register W88 account. If you don’t have an account, sign up for W88 now!

Popular ways to send W88 money today

Select the Deposit section according to the navigation arrow
Select the Deposit section according to the navigation arrow
  • Local bank transfer: This is the deposit method adopted by the majority of players because of its high safety.
  • QuickPay: Depositing W88 via this method has the advantage of being extremely convenient and fast, with just simple operations you can deposit money into your account successfully
  • Momo: The national e-wallet is used by many people on mobile platforms, fast transaction time and high reliability.
  • Game card: With this method, your deposit process will become extremely convenient and simple, completely anonymizing the information of the depositor. The money will be updated immediately, but the surcharge of this method is also quite high.
  • Phone scratch card: This way of depositing has a great advantage in security, easy to anonymize player information, the deposit time is also taken place quickly, immediately the money will be updated to the customer’s W88 account. However, this method also costs a lot of fees and players need to scratch the card to enter the code several times.
  • Wepay, Eezie Pay, Gogo Pay, 1X Pay, ZGold Wallet: These methods also have fast loading times, simple operation and easy execution.

Guide to the most popular ways to fund your W88 account

How to W88 deposit via E-Wallet?

Step 1: Choose 1 of 4 forms of Deposit including: Momo Pay – Viettel Pay – Zalo Pay – Shoppee Pay.

Step 2: Select the amount to deposit and press the Deposit button.

Deposit with e-Wallet
Deposit with e-Wallet

Deposit to W88 via QR Code

Step 1: Select Deposit to W88 with QR Code => Choose 1 of 3 ways to deposit including: Help 2 Pay – QR Code – Online QR.

Deposit with QR Code
Deposit with QR Code

Step 2: suggest choosing Help 2 Pay => Select the amount to deposit => Click Deposit.

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How to deposit at w88 via Gamecard?

Step 1: Select Deposit to W88 with Gamecard.

Step 2: Enter Card Pin => Enter Card Serial No (Recharge via Gamecard will charge a 10% discount).

Step 3: Press the Deposit button.

Deposit with Gamecard
Deposit with Gamecard

Summary of notes when depositing W88

  • When depositing using a local bank transfer, players need to save invoices so that they can verify when necessary.
  • Players need to secure their Internet Banking account and banking system when depositing via QuickPay, and at the same time ensure the balance in their account.
  • With the method of recharging phone scratch cards, players will incur relatively high transaction fees.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to check carefully before pressing the deposit button, and keep the scratch card until it is confirmed that the deposit to W88 is successful.
  • In addition to the banks supported by W88 bookmaker, players can still transfer money from other banks, but the transaction time and the process of updating deposits into the account will be more time-consuming.

Summing up

Above is the most detailed and easy-to-understand how to deposit at w88, making it easy for you to make a deposit to W88 in the fastest and safest way. After making a successful deposit, you can start experiencing exciting betting games at W88. Good luck!

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