Summary of baseball betting terms that you need to grasp

19/05/2023 Sports betting

Baseball is a famous sport in the US and some European countries, in Asia, some countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam … also a big fan of the sport. Referring to the information on the internet, it can be seen that knowledge of baseball betting such as baseball rules, how to play baseball and the terminology of this sport is very limited, so it is difficult for gamblers to access information. So today win tips bet will go into more detail with you baseball betting terms.

Summary of baseball betting terms that you need to grasp
Summary of baseball betting terms that you need to grasp

Learn about baseball terms

Playing positions in baseball

Positions in baseball competition under the latest baseball rules:

  • Pitcher: Baseball pitcher toward Catcher.
  • Catcher: The catcher is thrown by the Pitcher (Pitcher and Catcher are on the same team playing on defense).
  • First Baseman: The No. 1 pitcher, tasked with capturing all the balls opponents throw from teammates at the infielder position.
  • Second Baseman: No. 2 guard and catcher from Outfielder
  • Third Baseman: The player with the task of guarding Golf No. 3, whose most important task is to capture the ball before the ball hits the ground is hit by the opponent’s Batter.
  • ShortStop: Player who plays in a central position, specializing in playing defense.
  • Left Fielder: Also a defensive player, with an outfield position on the left side.
  • Center Fielder: The player plays midfield defense, tasked with capturing the ball when the Batter strikes out and deciding who will take the ball when the ball flies out between the Outfielders.
  • Righ Fielder: Played defensive position in the outfield on the right-hand side.

Those are the 9 positions in baseball, the specific role of each position how we will go into the next section of the article.

Playing positions in baseball
Playing positions in baseball

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Glossary terms in baseball

Strike & Strike out: When the batter hits the ball without hitting or hitting the ball and the ball flies outside the boundary zone, it counts as 1 strike, if there are 3 strikes in a row, it will be counted as a strike out.

  • Fly out: In case Batter attacks the ball accurately but the ball is caught by the defending team before landing, it is called Fly out, when this happens, it will eliminate the batter.
  • Ground out: When Batter hits the ball and the ball lands and the defending team catches the ball and throws it toward the golf before the Batter runs to the golf first, it’s called Ground out and now eliminates the batter.
  • Tag out: When you have hit the ball and run to the golf and touch the opponent holding the ball, it is called Tag out, when Tag out comes, it will eliminate the batter.
  • Double play: In case both batters are eliminated, it is called Double Play.
  • Triple play: When there are 3 people eliminated called Triple Play
  • Foul: When Batter smashes the ball out of bounds (the boundary line is divided on either side of the field) it is called Foul.
  • Ball: Pitcher throws the ball out of the strike zone and Batter doesn’t bat, 4 times Ball counts as a Walk.
  • Walk: The batter will be walked up to take 1 after 4 pitchers throwing errors or getting hit by the ball.
  • Dead ball: If the pitcher hits Batter, then Batter will be Walked and called Dead Ball.
  • Bunt: When the ball bounces, the batter raises the puck in front of the catcher’s catch position to catch the ball.
  • When the bunt has runners at base 3.
  • Safe: Is the term used to refer to the attacking team that gets the golf safely.
  • Out: The batter of the attacking team is eliminated or when the batter has a mistake in the order of hitting the ball, or hits but forgets to step on the golf is called Out.
  • Home run: when Batter hits the ball off the field, between the two foul lines run 1 lap around 3 golf and when running to golf will count as 1 home.
  • Stealth: This is golf robbery, when the attacking team stands at the golf they capture, when the pitcher has just thrown the ball they start running to take advantage of the next golf opportunity.
  • No hits and no runs: The pitcher didn’t make any mistakes from the start of the game until the end of the game.
  • Perfect game: Is the phrase for a perfect match.
  • Called game: Used to refer to a losing team before the end of 9 rounds.
Glossary terms in baseball
Glossary terms in baseball

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Glossary in baseball for throwing style

  • Fast ball: Straight ball, high flight speed.
  • Off speed: Slower speed than fast ball, which can be thrown in multiple orbits.
  • Breaking ball: A kind of off speed, the ball changes its flight trajectory when flying.
  • Curve ball: Breaking ball, swirling ball (curve), flying around to the left or right, large ball vortex.
  • 12-6 curveball: As a type of curveball, the balloon swirls down in a straight line.
  • Slider: Breaking ball, the ball is curved but has little spin.
  • Slurve: A type of breaking ball that has a combination of slider and curveball.
  • Screwball: A type of breaking ball, which has a reverse trajectory compared to curveball and slider.
  • Fork ball: Breaking ball, light and slow balloon path, accompanied by shaking, used to trick batters.
  • Change up: A kind of off speed, the balloon path is like a fast ball but with a slower speed and no change in trajectory.
  • Cirlce change up: It’s a kind of change up, but the ball changes its trajectory when flying.
  • 4-seam fast ball: The ball flies straight, the highest ball speed of all throws.
  • 2-seam fast ball: A type of fast ball but has a flight that cuts from left to right.
  • Sinker: 2-seam fast ball plus a downward trajectory.
  • Cutter: Fast ball has a right-to-left cut.
  • Splitter (split-finger fast ball): The ball suddenly lowers as it approaches the batter.
  • Knuckleball: The ball flies slowly, does not swirl, so the ball is difficult to judge, even the pitcher cannot know the trajectory of the ball.
  • Eephus: Balloons fly slowly (very slowly), flying in a rainbow path.


Those are all major baseball terms commonly used in baseball competition. So we have learned the basics of baseball. Hopefully, our article has provided you with the foundation to start learning about this exciting and challenging sport. Good luck!

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