Summary of terms used in football betting

19/05/2023 Sports betting

Among the countless forms of making money online, football betting is always at the top. In addition to the element of luck, football bettors need to have the mindset and skills to memorize super terms. If you don’t already know this, it’s a pity. Before starting betting at reputable bookmakers, try to memorize the football terms below share by win tips.

Summary of terms used in football betting
Summary of terms used in football betting

What is the term football betting?

The term football betting is a word or phrase that describes activities in football betting. It can be slang words, specialized words or English words… The term denotes illustrating the bettor’s mentality or way of playing.

When participating in football betting, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with terms and concepts ranging from basic to advanced. By doing so, you can enhance your skills and optimize your chances of winning in the best possible way. Additionally, utilizing football tips online can provide you with valuable insights, strategies, and predictions to further improve your betting outcomes. By combining your knowledge of football terminology with reliable football tips online, you can make more informed decisions and increase your overall success in football betting.

Basic terminology to master

The basic betting term is used wherever you are. The basic terminology is quite simple and easy to understand, including: Acquaintance terms and communication terms.

Basic terms to get acquainted with

  • ET (Extra time): The extra injury time of the match.
  • FT (Full Time): The duration of the whole match.
  • HT (Half time): 1 halftime (1/2 game).
  • Correct Score (CS Bet): Betting match scores.
  • Vibrating bets: In-match bets.
  • O/E (Odd/Event): Bet the total goal in even/odd numbers during the match.
  • PEN: Penalty kick (11m).
  • Win/ lose full: The overall winning/losing bet has enough money.
  • Win/ lose half: The bet wins/ loses half the money.
  • Kick off: Serve.
  • Penalty card bet: The total number of penalty cards in the match.
  • Golden goal: Refers to the golden goal scored.
  • Silver goal: The team that scores more goals wins.
  • Friendly games: Alluding to friendly matches.
  • PRC: Predicting the number of red cards in the match

Terms used to communicate

  • Down the body: Bet all your capital on 1 single match.
  • Corpse ball: Losing the bet on 1 bet.
  • Loose: Play through the hiccups without worrying about capital.
  • Sister: Football betting websites.
  • Slash, poop: Lost the bet.
  • Standing: The match was boring and tedious.
  • Fragrant bet: This truss is very delicious, it must be ordered immediately.
  • Rotten bets: Rafters are difficult to follow, not safe.
  • Hits: Under/Under.
  • When you find that the team you choose initially difficult to win, you give up and move on to bet for the other team.
  • Teo/ Truong: The feeling that the bet is about to lose.
  • Release bones: Refers to hard and difficult to eat, should be released or ignored if you do not want to lose.
  • Chewing bones: It’s hard to eat but still insists on following it.
  • Main ball: A general term for the world’s top leagues such as the English Premier League, the German league, the Spanish league, the Italian league, the EURO, the World Cup…
  • Oppose: Refers to 2 or more dissenters in the match.
  • BloodLine: Players share the same opinion about the match.
  • Oblique: Use an account to bet on multiple matches at the same time 1 time.
  • The account is out of capital, out of bets.
  • Showhand: How many bets, it’s almost like “down the body.”
  • Explosion: The match had a goal.
  • Soi Odds: Analyze the match to find the bet with the highest winning percentage.
Terms used to communicate
Terms used to communicate

Football betting terminology to keep in mind

Asian truss terminology

Asian truss has 2 main terms, including:

  • Upper handicap: The stronger team, the upper door team is the handicap team.
  • Lower handicap: The weaker team, the lower door team is handicap.

There are also a few other factors such as pitch, closest form and head-to-head record. The terminology used in Asian trusses is as follows:

  • Handicap: The odds that the bookmaker gives for the match.
  • Handicap/Asian Handicap: Asian bookmaker odds.
  • Odds: The exchange rate for winnings.
  • Over/Under.
  • Bronze football: 2 teams are equal.
  • Half draw (1/2): If the match is drawn, the upper team bet loses half of the bet. If you win by a margin of 1 goal, the upper door receives winnings based on the handicap.
  • Fruit and a half (1 1/4): 1 fruit + 1 difference. If you win by a margin of 2 goals, the upper door wins the entire bet, winning 1 goal, you eat half of the bet. The match was drawn, and the lower door ate up the stakes.
  • Fruits 2 and a half fruits (1 3/4): 1 fruit + 3/4 fruit difference. If you win by a margin of 3 goals or more, the upper door wins the entire bet, winning 2 goals, you eat half. As a result, the lower door eats the whole thing.
  • Half 1 3/4: The match is drawn, the upper door loses all bets. If you win 1 goal or more, the upper door wins the bet based on the handicap and vice versa.
Football betting terminology to keep in mind
Football betting terminology to keep in mind

European truss terminology

The term European truss is not as complicated as the Asian one. There will be no upper or lower doors. Simply predict whether the team wins, loses or draws. The higher the team, the less winnings will be.

European terms include:

  • 1x: Bets for the home team from draw to win.
  • 2x: Bets for the away team from draw to win.
  • 1×2: European handicap.
  • 1: Bet for the home team to win.
  • 2: Bet for the visitors to win.
  • x: Predict 2 teams to draw.

Over/Under terminology

Over/Under is the most understandable bet for football bettors. Some terms when betting Over/Under are:

  • Over (O): Refers to the upper team, the team that is stronger or has more advantages. The overs will win when the total number of goals > the predicted house edge.
  • Under (U): Refers to the lower team, the weaker team. The Under door will win when the total goal < the predicted rate of the bookmaker.


Memorizing football betting terms is advisable. It impacts a lot when playing bets. No term will be redundant or of little use. Try to research to improve your chances of winning. Quickly register an account to participate in football betting and immediately receive very attractive rewards from reputable bookmakers. Good luck!

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