The most detailed online volleyball betting guide from A-Z

19/05/2023 Sports betting

Online volleyball betting is one of the most popular forms of sports betting. Although this game has just been launched by bookmakers not long ago, it has brought many outstanding achievements. So how to play volleyball betting for the best results? Let’s win betting tips explore the article below!

Online Volleyball Betting Guide
Online Volleyball Betting Guide

Learn about online volleyball betting

What is online volleyball betting?

Volleyball is a sport that many people love to participate in, divided into 2 teams competing against each other. In particular, the number of members of each team is from 2 to 6 players. The volleyball court is separated by 1 net forming 2 separate parts.

Coming to online volleyball betting you will have to choose for yourself a prestigious playground with 2 interesting forms of play as follows:

  • Virtual volleyball.
  • Betting on the scores of live competitive volleyball matches.

In addition, you can also explore and experience 1 of the 2 forms above in the SABA or CMD lobby.

Volleyball betting rules

Here are the rules you need to follow when playing volleyball betting.

  • The organizers will be the party to announce the final results of the match.
  • After the match, changes are not counted and bets are not affected.
  • Bets will be canceled if during or before the match the athlete withdraws, is evicted.
  • Bets are counted if the match is postponed or extended but still ends. Or lasted more than 12 hours, canceled and ended early.
  • In the case of a round bet, the bet ticket is counted as valid only when the playing time of that round ends.
  • Bets are only allowed to be accepted, either before the match or when the match is underway.
Learn about online volleyball betting
Learn about online volleyball betting

Online Volleyball Betting Guide

After choosing the best bookmaker, proceed to the following steps to bet on volleyball online.

Step 1: Register an account at the bookmaker.

Search the bookmaker homepage => Select the account registration item.

Step 2: Make a deposit.

For detailed information, please contact the bookmaker’s customer service. Most bookmakers are currently supporting the following 2 methods of money transfer:

  • Bank transfer.
  • Online banking.

Step 3: Refer to sports offers for newbies.

You can receive or not receive promotions as you like right on the promotions section of the bookmaker.

In order not to miss any promotions, do not hesitate to contact customer service quickly to participate in any bets.

Step 4: Access the game lobby

Select the Sports section and proceed to select a SABA or CMD game provider.

Access the game lobby
Access the game lobby

Step 5: Start betting and placing bets.

Choose any match or tournament that you are interested in and proceed to place bets.

On the bookmaker screen, there is a table including handicap, Over / Under, winner … You choose the odd levels that the bookmaker offers. Then a money betting box will appear => enter the amount => Click confirm.

Finally, wait for the final result to receive the reward.

How to read online volleyball betting

Here are some of the most popular types of bookmakers to help you gain more useful knowledge to apply well to the game.

Money Line Bets

This is the form of betting which team will win. Based on the capacity of 2 parties, the bookmaker will make a bet. This type of betting usually appears when both are equal.

If you choose the right team to win, you get an odd of 1.92. But if the match is not over, the ratio will be constantly changed.

Match point handicap

Similar to how goal handicap bets in football. The bookmaker will prescribe an upper door team and a lower door team. The upper door team will accept the door team below a specific percentage of points and be approved by the bookmaker. Then:

  • If you choose the upper door then you will win when that team has a score greater than the odds that the bookmaker has given.
  • And vice versa, if you choose the lower door, you will win when that team wins, draws, or loses but has to separate the odds.

Over/Under match points

Based on the given number of points of the bookmaker, you will predict the outcome of the match with a larger or smaller total score. And according to the rule Over > the house rate, Under < the house rate. Then:

  • If the result of the match has a greater total score than the dealer and you choose the right one, then you eat the overhand and lose the Under bet.
  • Conversely, if the match result is smaller and you choose the wrong one, then you eat the Under and lose the Over.
How to read online volleyball betting
How to read online volleyball betting

Odd-even match points

This is a very familiar type of betting that everyone must know about? You only observe and guess whether the total score of the 2 teams scored is even or odd.

If you guess correctly then you will win and get the odd level from the bookmaker.

Notes when playing volleyball betting online

The following is one of the secrets and good moves that gamers often use, giving you more chances of guessing as well as winning high.

  • First choose a reputable bookmaker to participate in betting.
  • To make it easier to make predictions, you should choose teams with large differences in many aspects. Especially bet on matches that you are familiar with.
  • Learn carefully about the 2 teams playing before dropping money and predictions.
  • In fact, strong teams have more than a 70% chance of winning.
  • It is recommended to choose the right bet.
  • Compared to pre-match bets, the running bets will be more effective.


Above is the most detailed volleyball betting guide from A – Z, helping you grasp how to play as well as some good tricks to score. In addition to that, we also provide draw betting tips to further enhance your understanding of the game and maximize your chances of winning. Hopefully, with the comprehensive information and insights we have provided, it will give you a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Good luck!

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