What is volleyball betting? Learn the details of volleyball betting laws

19/05/2023 Sports betting

Volleyball betting is no less popular than football betting with an extremely large number of players. Online betting methods allow players to satisfy their passion and earn a lot of profit. Today’s article wintips will introduce you to the concept as well as the rules of volleyball betting in the most detail.

What is volleyball betting?

Volleyball is an Olympic sport consisting of 2 opposing teams, each team will have 6 players and will score points by hitting the ball so that it touches the opponent’s side of the field in accordance with the regulations.

What is volleyball betting?
What is volleyball betting?

With its long history and aggressive nature, forms of volleyball betting are also increasingly popular with different types of bets. Players need to follow the house rules given, and combine with flexibility to complete each match.

Understand the most detailed volleyball betting laws

Before starting a betting match, players need to know the rules below:

  • A few minutes before the match officially starts, players still have the right to place bets. However, bets only count as valid when the match is over. Unless bookmaker legit has its own rules and you must read carefully before starting.
  • Out of a total of 5 sets played, bets will be counted after a team leads by 3 sets.
  • In each check, the team that wins the previous 25 points wins. However, the minimum score gap between the two teams must be 2 points. Otherwise, the match will continue until the minimum score gap is reached.
  • If it is past the betting time and the bookmaker still accepts the bet amount, it is the fault of the system. Your bet will be processed by the bookmaker and returned later.
  • If the match has started but the match does not take place at the allotted time, the bets will be postponed or suspended until the organizers notify again. If the match is canceled, all bets will also be disabled.
  • Changing pitches while the match is in progress will not affect the betting. But if you change the field, change the whole team, the bet for the old team will not be counted anymore. The stakes will be returned to the player and start a new match.
  • In the form of bets for the winner of the full match, the Golden set will not be counted for payment purposes.
  • If the match takes place earlier than the official schedule, only bets placed before the match time will be counted as valid. All bets placed after the match starts will be cancelled.
  • During the course of the match, if any team is disqualified for any reason, the bets will also be canceled.
Understand the most detailed volleyball betting laws
Understand the most detailed volleyball betting laws

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Types of betting in volleyball today

Bets by match results

Match-based betting is the easiest bet to play in volleyball betting. Players only need to guess which team will win the final according to the two options of team A or team B. However, there is 1 difference that you need to note compared to football betting is that volleyball betting does not have a draw.

Betting on match results is the easiest type of bet in volleyball betting.

The bookmaker will evaluate the correlation strength between the two teams to come up with a odds ratio (aka odds). For example:

  • Team A – The odds are 5.00.
  • Team B – The odds are 7.00.

If team A wins the final, team A will receive a bonus corresponding to odds of 5.00. Conversely, if team A loses, you will lose the entire amount wagered.

Point handicap

Handicap bets are an extremely unpredictable type of bet and are quite similar to handicap bets in football.

Specifically, the bookmaker will divide the two teams into the upper and lower doors. The upper door team is the more highly rated team and will be the points handicap team. The bookmaker will decide the handicap based on the strength of the two teams. The top door team wins when the score is less than the point difference between the upper door team and the bottom door team and vice versa.

Types of betting in volleyball today
Types of betting in volleyball today

Set bets

Set betting is also a very simple form of betting. Players only need to proceed to place bets on the winning team, including the set handicap.

Parity score betting

Betting on parity scores, i.e. players will need to predict whether the total score of a match is even or odd. If you place even and the end result is even then you will win the bet. On the contrary, if you go out odd, you will lose all your bets.


The above is the most detailed volleyball betting concept and rules that we have compiled. Be aware of the rules so that the betting match takes place in the most convenient way. Don’t forget to visit our site every day to catch up on reading the relevant fascinating content. Good luck!

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