The most popular FB88 deposit guide

22/05/2023 Betting guide

After successfully registering an FB88 account, the next interest of bettors is how to deposit FB88 to start betting. In this article, we will guide FB88 deposit very simply to be eligible to participate in FB88 bookmaker betting entertainment such as: Sports, Online casino, online gambling, Lottery, Keno,… extremely attractive. Within 3 minutes, you have completed your FB88 bookmaker deposit and can start betting right away.

The most detailed FB88 deposit guide
The most detailed FB88 deposit guide

Commonly used Fb88 deposit method today

  • Bank transfer: This is a tricky and time-consuming deposit method to update account information after making a successful deposit. The minimum depositable amount is 40 USD with no limit to the number of times you want to deposit. This method is suitable for those who have a bank account but have not registered an iBanking account.
  • Fast money transfer partners: Fast money transfer partners are trusted by many people such as (1Clickpay, EazyPay, Help2Pay, Zpays, Wealthpay). The minimum deposit amount is 40 USD and the maximum is up to 12800 USD.
  • QR bank: Suitable for players using Mobile Banking, which is a modern deposit method, there is a banking app to scan QR on the phone. The bank’s applications are now mostly integrated with QR code scanning function, so the process of depositing money with QRPay will be extremely convenient. Depositing using the QRPay method will get a minimum deposit of 40 USD, with no maximum limit. The time it takes to update money into an account is almost equivalent to a traditional bank with about 10 minutes.
  • Affiliate card code: Normal members will not be able to use this feature as this is the form that applies to FB88 dealers.
  • How to deposit FB88 with scratch card: It is a popular deposit method for some players, but currently FB88 bookmakers no longer support this deposit method.

Instructions on how to FB88 deposit via popular methods today

Fb88 deposit with Bank transfer

If players do not use Internet banking, they can deposit FB88 through this form.

Step 1: Log in to your FB88 account –> Select Deposit

Click on the links below and proceed to log in to your FB88 account.

Step 2: Select Bank Transfer

Here FB88 will provide information of a bank account, this is the official account number of FB88 bookmaker. Players can transfer money by going to the bank counter or transferring money at an ATM. Please pay attention to the 5 characters in the “Content of money transfer” section. When starting the transfer, please fill in this number in the money transfer content box to be approved faster by FB88 bookmaker. Once your transfer has been successfully confirmed, you retain your invoice for later use in confirming your transaction details at FB88.

Obtain FB88's banking information to transfer funds
Obtain FB88’s banking information to transfer funds

Note: The above is an illustration, players need to follow the correct order of steps as shown in the image above to get the latest bank account information at FB88.

Step 3: Fill in the money transfer confirmation information

After successfully making a deposit to FB88 bookmaker, players need to do one more final step for FB88 to update funds to your account. On the homepage, click TRANSFER > Bank transfer > Select a bank account > Then fill in the information and check the Confirm box to complete.

Fill in the information confirming the successful transfer
Fill in the information confirming the successful transfer

After the information is successfully submitted, the reputable bookmaker FB88 will check and update the funds to your betting account in about 3 – 5 minutes.

How to fb88 deposit via Help2Pay

Help2pay is the best modern payment method available today, linked directly to banks large and small. Make it easy for players to make deposits quickly, simply and with absolute security. Players need to register Internet Banking at their bank account to be able to deposit via Help2Pay method.

Step 1: Select Help2Pay and confirm the amount to send

Log in to your FB88 account, select MONEY TRANSFER > Quick Transfer 1. You then enter the full and correct information and amount you want to deposit, and finally click on the Confirm box to finish.

Simple and convenient Fb88 money transfer via Help2Pay
Simple and convenient Fb88 money transfer via Help2Pay

Step 2: Log in to iBanking to continue

You need to enter the OTP sent to your phone to complete the deposit process at FB88. Trading time can take about a few minutes, be patient and do not turn off the deposit browser.

Log in to your Ibanking account to continue
Log in to your Ibanking account to continue

About deposit methods like EeziePay, Wealthpay, 1Clickpay, Zpays,… You can make a deposit similar to the steps above, this is how to deposit FB88 with popular internet banking, so consider using it when depositing FB88, because the benefits it brings compared to other methods are relatively large.

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Notes on depositing at FB88

When making a deposit to your FB88 account, players should be aware of the following issues:

Don’t save your bank’s account information

In fact, many players have saved their bank account numbers to make it easier to deposit money into FB88 next time. But it should be noted that FB88 bookmakers also regularly change their banking information. Therefore, players who make a deposit and do not have the correct current account will lose money and cannot appeal FB88.

Keep an eye out for promotions when depositing

Bookmaker FB88 offers countless attractive promotions for players. These promotions are updated every week, every month. Please pay attention to regularly update the offer information. However, you should also note the conditions that FB88 bookmakers offer when applying FB88 dealers’ promotions. Limit violations of FB88’s terms to receive multiple promotions without hindrance.

Should register for Internet Banking service for bank account

Currently, most deposit methods at FB88 allow players to use Internet Banking. Therefore, if you use a bank account, you should register for Internet Banking to make it easier for deposit & withdrawal transactions later. With iBanking, players can make transactions more safely and conveniently than the old-fashioned bank transfer method.

Summing up

Above is the most detailed deposit guide fb88 that anyone can successfully make and join FB88 betting instantly. If you encounter an error or have made a successful deposit but your account is not updated, please contact FB88’s Customer Care department for assistance as soon as possible. Wish you play well and win many victories at FB88!

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