V9BET deposit guide in just 5 minutes

19/05/2023 Blog Betting guide

V9BET is a bookmaker in the prestigious and quality bookmaker ranking that many people choose to participate in. If you already have an account at V9BET and want to participate in betting prices but still do not know how to make a deposit, in today’s article win betting tips will guide you to deposit V9BET for you as simply and quickly as possible.

V9BET deposits are simple and fast
V9BET deposits are simple and fast

Deposits or withdrawals are 1 of V9BET’s strengths. Offers a very diverse variety of payment methods. V9BET bookmaker supports links with many big banks in Vietnam such as Vietcombank, ACB, Techcombank, Vietinbank, Sacombank, Eximbank… making players’ transactions easy and extremely fast. It only takes about 5 minutes for funds to be deposited into your V9BET account. Withdrawal of winnings is only about 2 hours.

The simplest V9BET deposit guide

Step 1: Get V9BET bookmaker account information

Click on the link to V9BET -> Click on the “Bank” button -> Select “Deposit” -> Enter bank information -> Click on the “Deposit” button.

Log in to V9BET and click Deposit
Log in to V9BET and click Deposit

Note: The fastest way is to contact customer service via Live Chat. In case the bookmaker updates a new account but has not yet updated on the website.

Step 2: Make a V9BET account deposit

You made a deposit to the V9BET account number you just took in Step 1. You can deposit cash at the counter at the nearest bank branch, or send via ATM or Internet Banking.

Note: If you make another banking transfer at the counter, it takes up to 24 hours for V9BET to receive the money and update the money to your betting account. Therefore, you should transfer with the bank so that V9BET bookmakers can receive money immediately.

Step 3: Update full information before depositing

You proceed to make a V9BET deposit instruction, by filling in the information as shown:

  • Bank name: The name of the bank you used to make a deposit to your V9BET account.
  • Bank account name: Full name of your bank account.
  • Bank account number, province (Bank): Your bank account number.
  • Branch (Bank): The place where your bank card was issued.
  • Actual deposit amount: Fill in the amount you made to your V9BET account (excluding transfer fees).
  • Deposit receipt: Image of receipt confirming successful deposit.

Then click on the “Click Here To Deposit” box to complete the deposit.

Update information before trading
Update information before trading

V9BET deposit methods

V9BET bookmaker supports 6 of the best deposit methods available today. But currently sending through a bank account is a safe method and has many advantages over all other forms. The V9BET deposit via internet banking service is chosen by 90% of current bettors.

V9BET bookmaker supports players to fund their accounts in 2 ways: Thai QR Payment and Online Bank Transfer.

Deposit with Thai QR Payment
Deposit with Thai QR Payment
Deposit with Online Bank Transfer
Deposit with Online Bank Transfer

Some notes when depositing V9BET

  • You can use another bank to make a deposit, but you should not use a 3rd person bank account with no other information to transfer money to your V9BET account.
  • The sender information must match the information that made your account registration.
  • You should upload the first transfer receipt and the middle of the money transfer receipt, to facilitate the quick withdrawal process.
  • For transfers you should not use the words “V9BET” or the word “Bet”.
  • Please update your V9BET account number at each deposit to avoid depositing to an old account that has not been updated on the website.

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Some frequently asked questions about V9BET deposits2

1. Is it necessary to transfer the secondary fund to the main fund?

No need for you. At V9BET bookmaker you can bet all games with only 1 main fund, the winnings will be transferred directly to the main fund.

2. Which form of deposit will be the fastest?

V9BET encourages you to send money via internet banking, in which V9BET will receive your money quickly and deposit it into your account immediately.

3. Where to get V9BET’s account information?

You can contact via Live Chat on the V9BET bookmaker’s website to get the latest information, or you can go to the deposit section to choose the bank, select the amount you deposit, which will automatically display the account number of V9BET.

V9BET promotion on successful deposits for the first time
V9BET promotion on successful deposits for the first time

4. Which banks does V9BET support?

V9BET bookmaker currently supports 9 popular banks: Asia ACB Bank, Agribank, BIDV, Dong A Bank, Maritime Bank, Sacombank, Techcombank, Vietcombank, Vietinbank.

5. What is the minimum deposit amount and the maximum depositable amount?

The minimum amount you can deposit is 1 USD and the maximum amount is 8530 USD/time. If you want to deposit more than 200 million, you need to make 1 more withdrawal.

6. Is it necessary to upload a remittance statement?

This step is not necessarily necessary, but V9BET bookmakers encourage you to upload to make the process quicker and smoother. Note: Images are only available in JPG, GIF, PNG, or PDF format. Up to 500KB per file.

7.How long does it take for funds to be credited to V9BET bookmaker accounts?

After you have made your deposit request, wait approximately 5 minutes for V9BET to confirm and update your account. All questions you contact via the Live chat bar on V9BET’s website.


With just 3 steps above, you have successfully made a V9BET deposit. Now you can make bets at any of your favorite games, the money that you win will be withdrawn directly to your bank account. In the process of implementing V9BET deposit instructions if you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact customer service at Live chat for 24/7 support. Good luck!

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