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After winning money from V9BET bookmaker, the withdrawal to the account will be quick and avoid additional costs. So how to V9BET Bookmaker Withdraw Guide, please follow our article below. With quality betting products, high support services and talented support staff. Bookmaker V9BET always brings absolute satisfaction to each member. Withdrawals, deposits V9BET take place securely and safely. However, players must strictly follow the V9BET withdrawal instructions step by step. To understand more about this issue, please find out with wintips through the article below!

Detailed V9BET Withdrawal Guide
Detailed V9BET Withdrawal Guide

V9BET Withdrawal Guide

What bank withdrawals does V9BET bookmaker support?

Withdrawing money from the bookmaker through the local bank, ATM cards are very popular. Because of the convenience and speed that this service brings. V9BET bookmakers are affiliated with the following banks:

When receiving a V9BET withdrawal order, you also have to go through the process of verifying each person’s betting account and bank account. If your information matches, clearly identifies the receiving card that belongs to you, the bookmaker will conduct the transaction. Thus, your money will not be lost to 1 individual or organization.

V9BET Bookmaker Withdraw Guide

Step 1: Log in to the bookmaker

First, you log in to your V9BET:

Log in and select Withdrawals
Log in and select Withdrawals

Step 2: Create a V9BET withdrawal order

Successfully log in to your account, at the V9BET homepage, you see the Withdrawal section. Click on it to switch skins. At this time, 1 information panel will appear, the bookmaker asks you to enter all information.

  • Bank Name.
  • The account number of the province where you opened the account.
  • The branch opens an account.
  • Currency.
  • The amount you need to withdraw.
Select a bank and fill in the Withdrawal information
Select a bank and fill in the Withdrawal information

Done, you go to the Confirm withdrawal button. You note that you must use a bank card with the same name as your name registered with the bookmaker. Before pressing confirm withdrawal, please check 1 more time carefully to see if each content is correct. Avoid confusion that leads to a situation where the house refuses to pay, which wastes your time and effort.

Step 3: Check if the trade is successful?

To be sure the player’s withdrawal needs are correct. Bookmaker V9BET will send you 1 final confirmation request about the withdrawal order. Now you just need to press Ok to finish.

Withdrawals will take longer than if you funded your account. So don’t be impatient or worry about the house scamming. This is just to ensure the safety of your funds.

If you want to check if your trade is successful or not, keep an eye out for phone messages. Change the balance of the name of the Internet Banking application that you used in conjunction with the bank that made the withdrawal order. Or you can also go to the V9BET account management section to see if your balance has changed or not.

If your withdrawal is refused or failed, please contact V9BET customer service for quick and timely assistance.

Join V9BET Casino for a chance to win more bonuses
Join V9BET Casino for a chance to win more bonuses

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Some notes when withdrawing money at V9BET

  • The withdrawal account needs to have the full name of the owner matching the full name of the player registered with the bookmaker at the account creation step.
  • The bonus amount you receive from the promotion you are not allowed to withdraw to your account as usual. Players must use this preferential amount to make bets. Meet all the conditions such as the one that offers the withdrawal feature to be activated.
  • When you update your withdrawal information, you need to make sure all data matches.
  • You must strictly comply with the conditions for participating in betting, receiving bonuses or withdrawing money. If you violate any policy, the bookmaker reserves the right to refuse a withdrawal order from you.
  • Players can only register 1 account at V9BET, if the bookmaker detects that the player has set up 1 account, it will immediately disable all winnings, whether large or small in the bookmaker. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is 9 USD / time. The bookmaker also does not limit the number of withdrawals in your day, but you can also not withdraw more than 21321 USD/day.
  • The time to withdraw money to the account is fast or slow depending on the player, if the withdrawal information is entered correctly, it is only a few minutes. If the information is wrong, it will take at least half a day to have money in the account.


With the above sharing, surely everyone has a better understanding of how to withdraw V9BET Bookmaker Withdraw Guide? The payment and transaction process at V9BET bookmaker as I see it is very simple and fast. Even if you are just betting at V9BET for the first time, just check out your V9BET withdrawal guide and you will definitely do it. Wish you win even more at V9BET.

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