What are BTTS bets? How to play BTTS – Yes and BTTS – No easy to win bets

19/05/2023 Sports betting

What are BTTS bets? In betting, the BTTS bet is the bet that two teams score together. This phrase is abbreviated from Both teams to score in English. Although this is a fairly new type of bet, it has quickly gained popularity at online bookmakers thanks to its easy-to-join gameplay. Therefore, with the article below, win tips bet will analyze in detail what is btts? How to play btts – yes and bttts – no is the simplest and easiest to eat to help you win over reputable bookmakers easily.

What are BTTS bets?

Football betting is an attractive playground, so it has attracted a lot of participants. If you also want to become a professional master, you need to know the types of bets in betting. Among them, btts is a type of bet that is often offered by bookmakers that you should not ignore. In order for a player to win this type of game, each team must score at least one goal, which means that both teams must score in that match.

What are BTTS bets?
What are BTTS bets?

This betting style is very simple, when participating, players will have 2 choices to bet that is yes or no, specifically:

  • If you choose yes: Two teams must score at least one goal in official time for the player to win.
  • If you choose no (no): If in the match only one or no team scores a goal, the player can win this match.

Thus, we can easily deduce that when playing there will be no need to care about which team wins or loses. At the same time, there is no need to care about handicap odds such as Handicap or underdog bets. It is only necessary to analyze the scoring ability of the two teams in the match.

Like many other types of bets, if you want to increase your chances of winning, you need more experience and so do bets. If you do not have time or do not know how to judge, you can consult with a professional expert soccer tips that you trust.

How to play BTTS – Yes and BTTS – No the easiest to win

As we have said, for this type of bet when playing you will bet one of the two doors. Therefore, at some online bookmakers with Vietnamese support, the name of the bet is “Two teams scored” along with two betting doors as “Yes” or “No” for you to easily identify. However, for some bookmakers that do not support Vietnamese, this bet will be called “Both teams to score” and the bet door will say “Yes” or “No”.

Normally, each football match will consist of two innings and players can give a handicap to two teams that score first-half, second-half or full-game goals. Specifically, how to play as follows:

How to play BTTS the easiest to win
How to play BTTS the easiest to win

How to play BTTS 1st round

For this type of play, the btts only counts for the playing time of the 1st half. At this point, players will bet on whether both teams scored the same goal or not? To bet, the player chooses the Yes or No door and then selects the amount you want to place.

This type of bet is considered quite potential and suitable for you to bet. Because the beginning of the game is also when the fitness of the players is at its highest, so there is a high probability that both teams will score.

How to bet BTTS 2nd round

In some cases, players who choose to bet in the 2nd round will have a higher probability of winning. This is because if in the 1st half no team scores, the chances of scoring in the 2nd half are very high if it is an important match and one team is led by a goal in the 1st half, then in the 2nd half surely the other team will definitely find a way to score the equalizer.

Regarding how to play btts in the 2nd half is similar to how to play btts for the 1st half, only the player will choose the 2nd half, then also proceed to set for two doors Yes (yes) or No (no)

How to play full-match BTTS

The full-game btts are similar, players will anticipate for the full game time. Including official and injury time if any. Thus, your chances of winning will be higher due to the fact that the match time is both rounds. However, according to the rules, this type of match will not be counted for penalty shootouts.

Example: In the match between Newcastle United and Arsenal, the bookmaker offers a bet. At this time, the player chooses the type of bet btts all match:

  • If the player predicts that both Newcastle United and Arsenal are capable of conceding goals, check the “yes” box. This door has odds of 1.62.
  • If neither Newcastle United nor Arsenal are capable of scoring or either team will not score a goal, the player will select the “No” box. This door has a higher odds of 2.30.
How to play full-match BTTS
How to play full-match BTTS

BTTS rafting experience helps to win big

BTTS has simple, easy-to-understand and easy-to-bet rules and bets. However, to be able to win, players must also gain certain experience. Specifically, here are some experiences that will help players increase their chances of winning:

  • It should be bet that both teams play with attacking play, so the chances of both teams scoring are extremely high.
  • It is advisable to choose a match with players in the forward line with an impressive scoring history or a defense that lacks pillars.
  • Evaluate the current performance and level of the players of the teams.
  • What is the starting lineup of 2 teams, must be the strongest or not.
  • Find out if the weather, home or away from home, is it artificial or natural grass.
  • Importance of the match: Playoffs or scoring.
  • Should I choose a 1st, 2nd or full game bet and when is it reasonable?
  • Follow the odds table to get the highest Odd levels to help eat bolder.


So, above is the important information about what is BTTS bet? How to play btts – yes and bttts – no is correct. We hope that has helped you know more about an attractive betting bet that many people still do not know about. If you do a good job of making bets, you will have the opportunity to receive extremely valuable rewards.

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