What are folding bets? Advantages and disadvantages of folding bets

19/05/2023 Sports betting

What are folding bets? A folding bet is a method of betting twice the amount wagered in the previous adjacent game, which continues to do so until the bet is won. The main purpose of this bet is that no matter how much the player loses, just winning the last game is definitely profitable. However, to use this method, players need a huge amount of capital, so few can use it except for long-time masters. The following article, win betting tips will help you learn what is a folding bet? Advantages and disadvantages of folding bets to have the opportunity to earn more money in football betting.

What is a folding bet?

Folding is derived from an English casino owner, after a long time of research he realized that folding is a highly effective method of playing. Since then it has spread rapidly throughout the countries of the world.

What is a folding bet?
What is a folding bet?

Currently, folding betting is one of the types of football betting that helps players bring in the biggest profits and of course it also has many risks. In a word, this is a money bet in the form of the next game doubling the amount compared to the previous game, just follow this rule and play until the bet is won. After winning the bet, the player will bet back according to the original amount.

It sounds simple, but when deciding to hit quickly, you need to have time to study this way of hitting in detail, and consider your economic ability to use the bet effectively. Experts football tips stats also advise you not to be too greedy for a lot of profits but play by emotions and then have to be empty-handed for a moment.

Find out the advantages and disadvantages of folding bets

When it comes to football betting, no one dares to confidently declare that they are 100% sure of winning. And any game, the win-loss ratio is only relatively 50/50. Therefore, the way of hitting in betting is no exception. They will have their own pros and cons as follows:

Find out the advantages and disadvantages of folding bets
Find out the advantages and disadvantages of folding bets


Folding is a form of betting with many outstanding advantages, namely:

  • Help players limit the empty-handed situation at the end of the bet. No matter how unlucky the player is, he loses 1 or 2 series.
  • The folding method is one of the easiest ways to build capital. For example, if the player has fewer wins than the number of losses, but with the way to fight, it is still possible to make a profit.
  • Folding is one of the methods that is highly appreciated by the betting community for the ability to flip the bet.


In addition to the above advantages, the folding betting method also has some disadvantages as follows:

  • The level of profit received will not be really high if the player starts the betting chain with low money.
  • It is not good to apply folding bets in short-term games, but only to long-term games such as football to produce good results.
  • If the player loses multiple series of bets continuously, the risk of losing capital will be present.
  • To play as effectively as desired, players must have a huge amount of capital.
Disadvantages of folding bets
Disadvantages of folding bets

Some notes that football bettors need to know

Understanding how to bet quickly will not necessarily bring victory to players. Therefore, players need to pay attention to some of the following things to have a successful combat strategy:

  • If you have chosen to bet quickly, be confident in your own decisions, do not be distracted by other ways. Because this is a strategy to help preserve capital for players, do not break capital halfway or you will lose them all.
  • It is necessary to focus as much as possible to follow the progress of the game to master the team’s game, do not fight in a lucky fashion if you do not want to enrich the house.
  • Do not run the rafters, if you win many matches continuously and have made a decent profit, it is better to stop the game.
  • Choose betting matches that suit your time, need to balance work and entertainment to get standard decisions in the process of rushing.
  • Finally, you need to be mentally prepared, persistent, not discouraged when losing, but you need to continue to fight to recover your capital.


Through this article, we have helped you clarify what is a folding bet? Advantages and disadvantages of folding ways. Hopefully, you will grasp and successfully apply the folding method at bookmakers. For those of you who have no experience in football betting, we encourage you to learn more about playing experience, do not rush to apply the folding method because it will not bring the desired effect. Good luck!

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