What is a football incident? The most effective way to play football betting today

19/05/2023 Sports betting

What is a football incident? A bet is a way in which a player can choose to close his bet with an amount that may be greater or smaller than the original bet before the game ends. The amount that the player can discharge depends on the odds in the match and at the time of choosing to discharge the bet. According to experts, betting is a way to give players an advantage when betting on football. So what’s the deal? What is the most effective way to play football today? Win betting tips will help you answer this problem in detail.

Find out what happens to be the case?

Betting is a feature in football betting provided to players by reputable bookmakers. With this feature players will be allowed to exit the bet even though the match is not over. Usually the bookmaker will propose a certain amount of money to buy this bet of the player.

What is a football incident?
What is a football incident?

When using the truss discharge feature, it will be divided into 2 different cases, namely:

  • In case the player’s bet in the match wins, the dealer will propose a sum of money to discharge the bet. But of course it will be smaller than the original amount that the player has bet, which is intended to keep the player’s bet within a safe range. After a successful bet, no matter how the match goes, at the end of the match the player will still receive a winnings.
  • If in case the player is about to lose the bet, the player must pay the dealer an amount smaller than the original bet given to cancel the bet. This feature is very special, if you lose, you will lose less of the bet.

To help you better understand what is a football incident, we will analyze its pros and cons for you to decide when it is most reasonable to use:


  • Betting allows players to adjust their own bet according to the specific situation of the match.
  • Players can withdraw winnings at any time without having to wait for the match to end.
  • In the worst case of losing the bet, the player will also limit his loss compared to when not happening.


  • If applying this method of playing odds, players must know how to analyze and make accurate and decisive considerations and decisions.
  • Bets and odds can change constantly during the offseason, so this is also a disadvantage for players.
  • Requires players to have high assertiveness, to eat all the way to zero.

We can see that the occurrence of bets in football betting is a form of helping players participate in safe bets, they do not want to lose everything but will have a part of the bonus. So there will be capital to play other games. 

What is a football incident? How to effectively discharge football is handed down by the master

In order for the football match discharge to be most effective, it is imperative that players consider the appropriate time of release. Here are some common ways that you can refer to when needed:

How to effectively discharge football is handed down by the master
How to effectively discharge football is handed down by the master

The above bet catches 0.5 left, the upper one leads 1 – 0 after the first half

If a player places a $10 bet, they will eat $9 back in the 90th to 92nd minutes of the match if there is an injury time. The Over bet has a bet of 0.5, if the player places $ 10 when winning, it will eat enough, whereas if he loses, he will lose $ 3. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to choose a truss discharge and there will be the following cases:

  • The team above scores, the player will eat the full $ 19.
  • Players eat $10, lose the first $10.
  • If no goals are scored, you now eat $9 and lose $3.

The team on the left handicap, the 2 teams drew 1-1 and by the end of the 2nd half

Players bet $ 10 and eat $ 9, when it comes to the 90th to 92nd minute of the Over match with a ratio of 0.5, placing $ 10 winning the bet will eat enough and if you lose, you will lose $ 3. At this point, select over the rafters, you will encounter the following situations:

  • The team on the $10 bet, if they lose, they will lose $10.
  • If the bottom line scored, it would be $19.
  • If the match has no goals, now it will eat $ 9, lose $ 3 Over.

How to partially discharge

The 1-part bet is how the player will draw a certain amount of stake lower than the initial bet. The 1-part bet will have the following calculation method:

Money received to discharge = ((Initial odds / Odds at the time of discharge) x (The amount of the bet to be withdrawn) = The part of the bet to be withdrawn.

For example: If you bet $ 10, now you want to withdraw $ 5 to bet on another match, choose this bet.

How to discharge oblique 2

Among the many ways of betting on football, this is the one that is most used by many players. The way the oblique bet 2 is evaluated with very high accuracy, the bet is stable and the profit is attractive. To apply this method more effectively, you should choose single matches.

How to discharge oblique 2
How to discharge oblique 2

Take back capital immediately after losing

This way of happening requires players to have patience to wait for a good bet. When you notice that a good bet has appeared, calculate the amount of profit to enter a reasonable bet.

It is usually recommended to choose a bet on this door equal to the amount of the bet lost last time. So that when you win the bet, you will make up for the lost capital.

Notes when using the way the game occurs in football betting

If football wants to be more successful than expected, you need to note the following important things:

  • Be calm, clearly analyze the situations to choose the best bet.
  • It is recommended to play only 1 match to have time to look at the game.
  • Don’t hit it all for any match to reduce the risk of losing big.
  • Timely monitor the progress of the match.
  • Just in case the opposing team has good players, if you launch from the second round, you need to recalculate the possibility of winning.
  • Carefully monitor which trend the bookmaker’s bet movement is changing so that you can make timely decisions.
  • Finally, you should refer to the soccer tips bet on how to choose delicious bets, they will help you cope promptly in any situation.


What is a football incident? It can be said that betting can be said to be a form of minimizing losses applied by many players for a long time. And so far, this bet still shows its effectiveness. However, you also need to regularly learn more to bet successfully with this interesting trick. Quickly register an account to participate in football betting right away and get yourself many attractive rewards from reputable bookmakers. Good luck!

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