What is a parity bet? The most effective parity bet

19/05/2023 Sports betting

What is a parity bet? Parity is a type of bet when participating players will have to predict whether the total number of goals of a match is even or odd. Then the bookmaker will give the odds for the player to choose and proceed to place bets. This type of parity bet is very popular with players, it requires a new way of thinking, interesting gameplay and a little luck of yourself to collect a significant amount of bonuses. So what is parity? How is parity the most effective? Win betting tips will answer these problems for you.

What is the concept of parity bets?

Although, in parity bookmakers, although it is not considered a main type of bet in football betting, it is very popular because of its simple, easy-to-understand gameplay, especially this type of bet also has a very high bonus rate. The amount of money that players receive if they win depends on the odds offered by reputable bookmakers and the amount of capital used to bet before.

What is a parity bet?
What is a parity bet?

Accordingly, even doors will be the numbers 0, two, 4, 6 … and the odd door is 1, 3, 5, 7… corresponding to each door will have an equal win ratio of 50/50. At the house odds, parity will be denoted as:

  • E – Even: Even
  • O – Odd: Odd

Like some types of bets, parity is also held by the bookmaker for players to bet in the 1st and 2nd half of the match. In addition, to help players not get bored, the house also has other types of variation parity such as:

  • Odd/Odd bet: Bet on the number of goals of the odd home team, of the odd away team.
  • Odd/Even bet: Bet the number of goals of the odd team, of the away team is even.
  • Even/Odd bet: Choose the number of goals of the home team even, the away team’s is odd.
  • Even/Even bets: Bets on the number of goals scored by the home team and the away team are even.
  • Parity total number of yellow cards throughout the match.
  • Parity total corner kicks in the match.
  • Parity total penalty goals if any.

These variant parity odds have lower winning rates and need more luck. Therefore, if you can analyze the game history and the way the teams play, there will be a greater chance of winning.

The 5 most effective parity bets today

To win when playing parity bets, you have to equip yourself with really suitable ways of hitting. Here will be some ways to play that we study from masters, if you want to win big, you must refer to it. Additionally, staying updated with football tips live can provide you with real-time insights and analysis during matches, enabling you to make more accurate predictions and capitalize on live betting opportunities.

The 5 most effective parity bets today
The 5 most effective parity bets today

How to play based on the history of confrontation

Before participating in this match, you need to find out the matches in the history of the two teams to see how many or how few goals were scored. If there are draws or wins and losses 1-2 left, it will be easier for you to eat this bet. If historical matches explode from 3-4 goals or more, this parity is potentially high risk and you should not play.

Consider what kind of rafters to catch

With each match, there will be different ways of catching bets and not every match you will choose to catch parity for the whole match. Betting masters will often choose to start the 1st half for matches where 2 teams are equal. Because in the first half the physical strength of the two teams is equal, the possibility of the match will appear a draw and if the bet is even, the probability of winning the bet is also very high.

Based on performance

To play parity you also need to base on the performance and stability of the 2 teams in the most recent matches. This will help you accurately predict the scoring ability of 2 sides.

If the teams participating in the competition are all big teams, with characteristic gameplay, it will be difficult to score many goals and the score is usually not much different. On the contrary, in matches where 2 teams have an unequal level, for example, 1 team is at the top, and the other team is at the bottom, the probability of creating a goal is higher, now the door should be even.

Based on performance
Based on performance

Choose to make a quick bet at the right time

For parity bets, you should only play with a sufficient amount to limit the risk of losing a lot. In the unfortunate case of a big hit, depending on the match situation, you can choose to discharge to minimize damage.

Use folding betting

The last parity bet is that you can use the folding style of play. At this time, the amount of bonus received if the bet is famous will be much larger. This method is quite risky, so it usually only applies to professional players, and normal players should play safely.


Through the above article, we provide you with important information about what parity is as well as the most effective parity betting. Hopefully, the article will bring a lot of really useful information, serving your betting needs. Playing parity betting is never easy for new players, so you should always learn good ways to play and real combat experience from previous masters. Good luck!

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