What is basketball betting? Basketball betting rules and experience

What is basketball betting? Besides the king of football sport, today basketball is also a sport that receives the love of a large number of players and the fan base is not inferior. In order to serve the needs of watching basketball games more and more attractive and for those who have a passion for forms of betting, basketball betting games were born. Right here, the web Wintips.com will immediately introduce you to the article about basketball betting as well as guide to the best and most rewarding betting experiences.

What is basketball betting? Basketball betting rules and experience
What is basketball betting? Basketball betting rules and experience

What is basketball betting?

Basketball betting is essentially the same form of betting as football. At this time, players will use their capital (assets) to bet on matches. If you guess the result correctly, the player will receive a bonus. And of course, on the contrary, players will lose money if they guess wrong.

In addition to offline basketball betting, online basketball betting through bookmakers such as K8, W88, BK8 is especially loved by brothers. Because of the simple way of betting, huge promotions. And especially how to withdraw money quickly and simply. Join the test of guessing the scores of classic basketball matches in the world right with the bookmakers introduced by Wintips.com!

Forms of online basketball betting

Moneyline Bets

This is a form of predictive bet that determines which is the winner of the match. This form of betting is quite simple, the most common of which is betting with a ratio of 50/50.

Example: In a match between teams A and B, the result after the match was 78-54. So this means that you are the winner if you bet team A and vice versa.

Attractive basketball is not inferior to football
Attractive basketball is not inferior to football


For this type of bet, before the match starts, a specific team will receive a handicap. Usually for the purpose of fairness, this handicap will be added to the weaker team. As soon as the match is over, the handicap points are added to the actual score and it is decided that the winning team is the team with the larger total points.

Over/Under bets (or Over/Under bets)

This is a form of predicting whether the total score of the game will be more or less than the number of points that the bookmaker then bets. The bet result will be Over if the actual match result has a higher total score than the number of points given by the bookmaker. And vice versa, the Under.

For example, the total given score is 120. The result after the match was 55-85, so a total of 140 points. So you will be the winner if you choose to put Over/ the upper bet. If you choose to put Under/ below, you lose.

Even/Odd bets

A form of betting that predicts whether the total match score is even or odd.

Example: The match ends with an overall score of 80 – 78 when combined will be equal to 158. Thus, you will be the winner if you bet on even numbers, and vice versa if you bet odd, it takes money. One thing to note with the bet forms introduced above can be applied to each round or each pair, ie 1&2 or 3 & 4.

The odds in basketball are varied
The odds in basketball are varied

Futures bets 3

This is the kind of bet that will normally be wagered even if the season has not started. The task of the bettor is to predict and select the best team of that competitive season. This includes betting cases such as predicting the winner of the playoffs or betting on which team will be the champion or which basketball player will become the best player in the league,… Usually, these types of bets are quite difficult to play, but their rewards are extremely high.

Special forms of betting

  • Bet which player is capable of making the most scoring goals in a game or innings. If you really know the information about professional and high-performance basketball players, this form of betting will be very effective.
  • Bet which team owns the most 3-point attempts.
  • Bet which team can throw the ball into the last or first basket.
  • Which team owns the first 20 points,…

What is basketball betting? Some basketball betting tips

If you are a person who only participates in basketball betting, please refer to the following free betting tips to bring a resounding victory from the first time you play!

1. Don’t forget to check the statistics and get a pre-match report

The prize money for winning in basketball is huge
The prize money for winning in basketball is huge

Checking statistics in basketball is extremely important. It helps you to best judge the performance of the teams in recent times. Full statistics of matches both home and away. Along with the direct head-to-head results of the two teams in the match in recent years.

At the same time, double-check to see if any of the team’s mainstay players are injured or have other reasons for not being able to participate in the match. This also significantly affects the final result of the match.

2. Consider the time and position of the competition to know what is basketball betting

For basketball betting to have the best results you should preview the schedule of the season. From there, it is possible to assess which team will have to play continuously for many days. Because teams that play in 2 consecutive games can affect performance. And reduce your chances of winning by 44%.

In addition, the ability to adapt to the competition environment is also an important issue. Not being used to the weather conditions or having to travel for a long time to the competition site also affects the physical strength of the members.

3. Should bet on the home team

If you are familiar with betting sports, this is very true. Because home-field advantage is important. According to research, the home team wins over 60% of the matches.

Betting on basketball at a reputable bookmaker is essential
Betting on basketball at a reputable bookmaker is essential

4. Record the matches you’ve bet on

By keeping a systematic and detailed log, you will have full control over your bets. At the same time learn from losing matches. And there’s a judgment on whether you’re a good fit for basketball betting or not. Believe me after a period of recording the match, your level of judgment and judgment of the game becomes amazingly accurate.

5. Don’t choose your favorite team

As mentioned above, it is extremely important to have statistical information about the team. It helps you bring the most accurate judgment. Therefore, choosing according to emotions can make you lose your bet. The game is more adventurous than ever.

Conclude of what is basketball betting

Above is a summary of basketball betting tips and the most useful and interesting betting experiences that bet win tips website has provided to you. We hope that, with the knowledge that we have selected above, this will be one of the handbooks to help you easily make betting decisions. Wish you have winning bets.

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