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It can be said that of all the betting sports, basketball is the easiest bet for you to get up overnight. Similar to the golden sport of football, basketball also has many forms of betting such as handicaps, slag, parity bets,… Accordingly, if you want to raise the basketball guide, odds of winning, it requires you to master how to play basketball betting – look at the basketball odds before dropping the bet. So how to make the most effective bet? The answer will be revealed right in the article below.

Basketball is a very popular betting game
Basketball is a very popular betting game

What is basketball? Origin

Basketball is a ball sport, played in groups of two teams. The goal of each team is to throw the ball into the opponent’s basket as many times as possible. At the same time, you must prevent the opponent from possessing the ball and throwing it into his basket. The sport is supposed to be a less traumatic alternative to football. And in addition it can be played in the hall, thanks to which matches can take place regardless of the hot weather of summer or cold in winter.

In terms of basketball history, it was born quite early in 1891, in the United States by a young Canadian teacher, Dr. James Naismith. In an effort to revive gym lessons, he attached two fruit baskets to the balcony railing and asked his students to throw a “football” at it. Then, on March 11, 1892 in Springfield, Massachusetts, where Naismith was working, an official basketball competition was held for the first time.

By 1932, FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur) – the International Basketball Federation was founded that made basketball more widely available. Four years later, the sport made its debut at the Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. However, it was not until the National Basketball Association (NBA) was formed in 1946 that the first world championship was held in 1950 in Argentina. To this day, the NBA remains the most watched basketball league in the world.

Basketball has a long history of birth and development
Basketball has a long history of birth and development

The most popular types of basketball guide today

Currently, basketball games are quite diverse and rich, giving you a lot of choices. Here are the most popular and widely attended betting bets today.

1. Set bets in basketball betting

The whole basketball match will have 4 sets played. You can bet 1 of these 4 sets in the following forms:

  • Which set bet has the most points.
  • Bet the winning team in 4 sets or 1 in 4 sets.
  • Bet which team wins/loses in the first set.
  • Bet which team wins/loses in the final set.

2. Bet which team scores first/last this is best of basketball guide

This way of super betting tips on basketball is favored by many brothers because of its simplicity and the ability to determine wins and losses quickly. Players only need to predict which team or player will score the first point or which team will score the last to place a bet.

Basketball according to the experience of the master
Basketball according to the experience of the master

3. Basketball betting

With financial bets, the bookmaker will give final score suggestions. You will proceed to set the door or the door and wait for the end of the match to know the result.

4. Basketball Handicap

In the basketball handicap, the upper door team will handicap the lower door in a certain ratio (1/2, 3/4. 1/4…). The match score at the end of the match will determine whether the player’s bet is won or lost.

5. Oblique bets

In this bet, players can skewer 2, 3, 4… match against each other to bet. However, this is a relatively difficult bet and requires high professionalism.

6. Player bets in basketball betting

Player bets are quite easy for every player when they know the list of players, the playing position as well as the performance of that player in the previous matches. Specifically, you can participate in many of the following ways to know basketball guide:

  • Bet which player scores first.
  • Bet which player scores the last point.
  • Bet which player scored 3 points.
  • Bet the total number of points scored by 1 player.

7. Even/odd bets

This is a fairly high-risk bet. In this match, players only need to pay attention to the total result, do not need to determine the winner or loser and predict whether the total number of goals in 40 minutes of play is even or odd.

Basketball needs careful study
Basketball needs careful study

8. Futures bets

These are the types of bets that are usually placed before the season begins. The player’s task is to choose the best team of the season. Examples include betting on the winner of the play-offs, betting on the champion or the best player in the league (MVP). These types of bets are extremely difficult, in return the rewards will be extremely high.

9. Special bets

  • Bet which player will score the most points in the match or each round. This form is especially effective if we know the top basketball players or are currently in the best form.
  • Bet which team has the most 3-point attempts.
  • Bet which team throws the ball into the first basket or throws the ball into the last basket.
  • Which team scored the first 20 points,…

Summing up

Basketball guide is not bad, it is even an opportunity to make you richer after a few hours instead of working hard all year round. However, to get rich from this game of chance, you first need to understand the principles of betting and bet wisely, as well as basketball. Wish players will always be satisfied with their decisions, especially being able to win big profits. Hopefully, the following article on How to bet on basketball – looking at basketball odds will help you play firmly in betting.

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