What is Spread betting football? The most effective way to bet

Have you ever heard about the latest and hottest way of betting on football, called Spread betting football? If you are a football lover and want to leverage your predictability to make big profits. Then keep reading this article. We will explore this betting method in more depth. Providing you with a great opportunity to become a betting expert and achieve success in the challenging world of football. Are you ready to explore this innovation? Let’s find out together What is Spread betting football? The article was made by expert Wintips.com.

What is Spread betting football?
What is Spread betting football?

What is Spread betting football?

Point Spread betting, or Point Spread wagering, is a handicap given by sportsbooks in sports betting. Spread to provide equal betting opportunities for both teams. It is very common in sports where one team is considered more skilled. And dominant than the other. Players always need a reasonable reason to bet on a team, and sportsbooks use the Point Spread to create an evenly-matched winning chance.

At this point, the betting is balanced by adding points to the score of the underdog team or subtracting points from the score of the favorite team. Therefore, you will see the symbol (-) assigned to the name of the favorite team, while the symbol (+) will be designated for the underdog team. The point spread will be added or subtracted for both teams based on the final result of the winning score.

Some examples and how it works

To best understand how to bet with point difference bets, let’s take the example of the match between Vietnam and Australia for the 2021/2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers with the following odds:

Illustration of "Spread Scores"
Illustration of “Spread Scores”

In the aforementioned point spread betting, players can see that Australia is the favorite team with a point spread of -2.5. This means that for Australia to be considered the winner in the bet, they need to have a goal advantage of 3 or more. For example, if the score between Australia and Vietnam is 3 – 2, in this bet, the bettor who chose Vietnam would still be considered a winner despite Australia scoring more goals but only leading by 1 goal. The condition of the bet is to overcome the point spread of 3 goals.

These bets always have pre-defined point spreads set by the sportsbook:

  • Choose the sport you want to bet on.
  • Take a look at the point spreads and the teams competing.
  • Finally, fill out the betting slip for the game with the point spread and the odds that you prefer.
  • Spread betting is available in most popular sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and American football, among others.

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Dedicated terminology about Point Spread betting

Spread Betting (Cover the spread)

To be considered a winning bet with spread betting, the team betting on the favorite must win by more than the Point Spread, or the team betting on the underdog must either not lose or win outright even after adding the specified Point Spread to the final score.

Against the Spread (ATS)

When a player chooses to bet with the symbol (-) – the underdog team. To win this bet, the underdog team must lose by less than the specified Point Spread, draw, or win against the favorite team.


A push occurs when a betting match is canceled because the team you bet on wins by exactly the Point Spread set for the bet. If this happens, the bettor will be refunded the exact amount used for the bet.


Similar to a push, a hook occurs when a betting match is canceled because the team you bet on wins by exactly the Point Spread set for the bet. If this happens, the bettor will be refunded the exact amount used for the bet.

Run line/Puck line

Run Line is a point spread used commonly in baseball and often set at +/- 1.5. Meanwhile, Puck Line is a point spread widely known among ice hockey bettors and is usually set at +/- 1.5 by the sportsbook.

Pick or Pick’em

In a pick or pick’em bet, the point spread is set at 0, meaning there is no favorite or underdog designated. In this case, the bettor simply chooses the odds and bets on which team will win.

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2 special things about Point Spread betting

The bookmaker may change the point Spread bet from time to time

The course of sports betting will change and change over time if any factors come into play. So will the point difference. Similar to live betting, the odds are always changed and the bookmaker will adjust both the odds. In the point difference based on conditions such as experts changing betting teams, changing the amount of money staked for teams, factors that affect the outcome of the match such as players getting injured, etc being fined or adversely affected by the weather,…

Spread betting is a very popular form
Spread betting is a very popular form

Usually applies in conjunction with American/Moneyline odds

That bet adds thrill to the game. But you still need to look at the odds as the deciding factor in how much money you’ll make deciding which match to bet on. Most commonly for all odds, American odds are used in conjunction with this type of bet and fluctuate depending on different sports competitions. Football has always been the king sport with the most attractive odds for Vietnamese players and the odds in bets are usually from -100 to -120.

FAQ about Point Spread betting

1. How does arbitrage betting work?

Point spread bets act as goal handicaps bets set by the bookmaker for both teams playing. The bookmaker will subtract the number of goals/points of the upper handicap team. Or add the number of goals/points to the lower team. Finally based on the results of the two teams to determine the winner of the bet.

2. What is a point spread bet in a point spread bet?

This is when you bet on the underdog or the more disadvantaged team with a lower probability of winning. You win your bet if one team loses less than the specified point difference of the bet or draws or wins the other team outright.

3. How to read 3.5 point spread bets?

When betting a 3.5-point spread, the player you bet on needs to be at least 4 goals ahead of the other team in order for you to win the bet.


So are you ready to take advantage of your predictive instincts and explore the fascinating world of new-style football betting? Join us to learn and become a successful betting expert. Sometimes, to achieve success, we need to make bold decisions. And you’re not willing to do that? Start your new football betting journey now and prove what you’re capable of!

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