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24/01/2024 Sports betting

 After four years, the biggest football tournament on the planet – the World Cup – takes place just once. Participating in this tournament are the mightiest teams from different continents. Therefore, the World Cup is eagerly anticipated not only by football fans. But also by sports betting enthusiasts. In 2026, it will be the 23rd edition of this tournament, and according to the plan, the World Cup 2026 will be hosted in North America. Total of 48 teams participating. This new format is applied by FIFA for this “Football Festival.”

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Already, the atmosphere surrounding World Cup qualifying matches is vibrant and lively. For you, what is the ideal destination to satisfy your passion for the beautiful game? In this article, Wintips will list the top 10 best World Cup football betting websites. These are the leading choices and will undoubtedly fulfill your desires in every aspect.

World Cup 2026 overview

Where is the 2026 World Cup held?

At the host selection meeting of the 23rd World Cup 2026 attended by 211 member federation representatives. With the support of 134 federations in 200 valid votes, Canada, the United States and Mexico officially become co-hosts of the 2026 World Cup. This is also the first time that the FIFA World Cup is held in 3 countries.

2026 FIFA World Cup qualifying format

According to information from FIFA, the Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup will consist of four rounds.

  • In the first qualifying round, 22 teams ranked from 26th to 47th in Asia according to FIFA rankings will compete in direct matches using the home-and-away format, and 11 winning teams will advance to the second qualifying round.
  • In the second qualifying round, the teams ranked 1st to 25th will join the 11 teams from the first round. The 33 teams will be drawn into 9 groups, with each group containing 4 teams. They will play in a round-robin format, and the top 2 teams from each group will proceed to the third qualifying round.
  • Third qualifying round, the 18 teams from the second round will be divided into 3 groups. With each group having 6 teams. They will play in a round-robin format again, and the top 2 teams from each group will advance. After the third round, 6 teams will move on to the fourth qualifying round.
  • In the fourth qualifying round, the teams that finished 3rd and 4th in the third round (6 teams) will be divided into 2 groups, each with 3 teams. They will play in a round-robin format, and the top team from each group will secure direct qualification to the 2026 World Cup finals.
  • The two second-placed teams will face each other to determine the winner. This team will earn a spot to compete in the intercontinental play-off round. The opponent in this round will be determined later.

Places in the 2026 World Cup of the continents

The 2026 World Cup is also the first football championship season to increase the number of participating teams to 48, instead of 32 as before. According to FIFA’s statement, the 2026 World Cup will have 80 matches. Of which 10 will be played in Canada. 10 in Mexico and 60 will be held in the United States.

According to FIFA’s allocation, Asia will have 8 spots in the World Cup. The remaining regions are CONCACAF 6, South America 6, Europe 16, Africa 9, Oceania 1. Thus, there will be a total of 46 official tickets to the 2026 World Cup. The final two tickets will be determined through an inter-regional play-off.

What is World Cup football betting?

World Cup football betting refers to the practice of placing bets on various aspects of the FIFA World Cup. Which is the biggest international football tournament held every four years. During the World Cup, national teams from different countries compete to become the world champion. Football betting during the World Cup attracts millions of bettors worldwide, as it combines the excitement of the sport with the thrill of gambling.

Today's best World Cup bookmakers
Today’s best World Cup bookmakers

However, it’s important to bet responsibly and only within your means. Many reputable online sportsbooks offer World Cup football betting options, but it’s essential to choose a trustworthy and licensed platform for a safe betting experience.

Popular World Cup betting odds

  • Match Result: Betting on the outcome of individual matches, either choosing the winning team or predicting a draw.
  • Over/Under (Total Goals): Betting on whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be over or under a specific number set by the bookmakers.
  • Correct Score: Betting on the exact final score of a match.
  • Goal Scorer: Betting on a specific player to score a goal during the match.
  • Outright Winner: Betting on which team will win the entire tournament and become the World Cup champion.
  • Group Winners: Betting on which team will finish at the top of their respective groups during the group stage of the World Cup.
  • Top Scorer: Betting on the player who will score the most goals throughout the entire tournament.
  • Handicap Betting: Adjusting the perceived strength of the teams by giving an advantage or disadvantage to one of the teams to balance the odds.

Should we betting on World Cup football or not?

World Cup football betting not only offers great opportunities in terms of making profits, but also opens up a world full of drama and strategy. Players need to thoroughly understand the history and skills of the participating teams, the strengths and weaknesses of each player, as well as external factors such as weather conditions, the transfer market and the competition between rivals. Careful analysis and timely betting will create maximum profit opportunities for players.

However, it should be remembered that World Cup betting can also carry financial risks, so players should pay attention and have a good understanding of the principles and regulations of the game. Easy access to online betting sites has increased the popularity and appeal of participating in World Cup betting, but choosing the right bookmaker and protecting personal information is important to ensure safety and reliability when participating in this activity.

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Top 10 best site World Cup football betting for newbies

1. W88

W88 is a bookmaker providing a full range of games and products applying the most advanced technology on the Asian market to give customers truly valuable moments of relaxation. The website has been carefully tested and licensed by reputable technology organizations. The sports betting platforms here include a-Sports, c-Sports, e-Sports (Asia/Europe), x-Sports, v-Sports 1/2, Fantasy Sports. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose for yourself the most suitable game and receive rewards at the rate set by the bookmaker from the beginning.

Top bookmakers for World Cup betting
Top bookmakers for World Cup betting

Fast transaction speed. Dedicated customer care team, always ready to answer all questions that players encounter in all time frames. Thanks to a series of outstanding advantages mentioned above. It can be firmly affirmed that W88 is an ideal bookmaker in betting on the World Cup.

2. M88

M88 is one of the leading bookmakers in the betting market in Asia. It offers a full range of sports matches that have been taking place around the globe. The brand is considered a “senior” in the online betting industry today, owning a large number of customers and always bringing the most perfect experience moments.

Trusted World Cup betting address
Trusted World Cup betting address

For football betting, when betting on tournaments like the World Cup at M88, you will be stunned by the variety of bets and odds that this bookmaker offers. M88 also regularly updates news about matches, offers analysis, reviews, and predictions for bettors to refer to when looking at bets. In general, the quality of the M88 is out of the question.

3. 188Bet

The bookmaker 188BET is a highly regarded bookmaker in the market with many attractive products and services that players love immensely. In 188BET is one of the bookmakers that offers the widest range of games, from sports betting to casino games, but the most prominent of which is still football betting. 188BET impresses and attracts players by always updating the most popular matches in the world and many new and attractive bets.

Website 188BET offers many exciting promotions
Website 188BET offers many exciting promotions

In addition, 188BET is also willing to spend on many promotions, giving high-value gifts to its customers. The website supports many different languages such as English, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese is also a plus point of 188BET. The M88 mobile app is also available so that players can enjoy exciting bets anytime, anywhere.

4. FB88

FB88 is fully registered and licensed by IOM, the most reputable legal betting organization in the global entertainment industry. The dealer brings fun in each game so that customers can be absolutely assured of the fairness in each game. The FB88 brand has been recognized as safe to help players always feel the entertainment that the house aims for in every bet.

Not only the World Cup, FB88 is also a partner of many major tournaments sush as the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga.
Not only the World Cup, FB88 is also a partner of many major tournaments sush as the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga

FB88 offers players odds that are 20% higher than the betting industry average, so you stand a chance of getting the best bonus in the list of active bookmakers today. All information and online transactions of customers are protected and encrypted by digital technology to prevent intrusion, thereby creating the most transparent and fair playing field.

5. 22Bet

Or you can also opt for World Cup betting at 22Bet bookmaker. For Vietnamese bets, this is no longer a strange name. 22Bet, after “storming” the Asian market, quickly entered our country and achieved many remarkable successes. Currently, this is always one of the first choices of Vietnamese bettors when they want to bet on football.

622Bet – Constant updates on World Cup matches

Although it has only recently developed sports betting products, bookmakers are also actively diversifying betting on major football tournaments, notably the World Cup. On the other hand, the number of bets is also constantly increasing, giving players many choices.

6. Bet365

Bet365 is one of the world’s largest and most well-known online sports betting and gambling companies. And has grown to become a dominant player in the industry. Bet365 offers a wide range of betting options on various sports events, including football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, and more. In addition to sports betting, Bet365 offers a range of online casino games, slots, and table games for players who enjoy gambling beyond sports.

Bet365 often offers promotions and bonuses for new and existing customers
Bet365 often offers promotions and bonuses for new and existing customers

The Bet365 provides a mobile app for both iOS and Android users, allowing convenient access to betting and gaming on the go. It’s essential to note that Bet365 operates under licenses from reputable gambling jurisdictions, ensuring a safe and regulated betting environment for its users. As with any form of gambling, it’s essential to bet responsibly and only within your financial means.

7. Betway

Betway is one of the betting sites legally registered by Costa Rica and has been recognized as the most reputable and quality bookmaker in the market today. The goal of the bookmaker is to create a diverse entertainment playground of high quality to help participants have the most interesting and reasonable choice.

WC football betting options are indispensable to Betway
WC football betting options are indispensable to Betway

The bookmaker has been granted validation by reputable regulatory bodies. Including the GC Supervisory Committee (UK), MGA, BVI and PAGCOR. This has partly proved the high-class brand, aiming for the most ideal playing environment for all participants. With a large customer list and still growing steadily over time, it will definitely help you stay more confident along with the top FIFA World Cup football matches.

8. 12Bet

This brand is not too strange to the football betting community in Asia. 12Bet is managed by Pacific Sea Invests SA, a remote gambling management business focused primarily. 12Bet uses state-of-the-art SSL-128bit encryption technology, providing maximum data privacy security in the most secure environment.

The globally renowned 12Bet brand
The globally renowned 12Bet brand

Develop a responsible betting policy that applies to all types of players, helping you stay in control of your situation no matter how attractive the match is. Inspired by European bookmakers, 12Bet will bring a completely different experience for you when you want to bet on exciting World Cup matches. That is the reason that you should not ignore this brand to get many top-notch entertainment moments with the round ball.

9. Fun88

The  Fun88 is a well-known brand in the world of sports. But also the official shirt sponsor for Newcastle United football club. It is also endorsed by two legendary figures in sports – basketball superstar. These partnerships show how Fun88 invests in the sports sector.

Various Fun88 payment methods through many reputable partners
Various Fun88 payment methods through many reputable partners

When accessing the sports betting section of Fun88, you can choose from four different halls, each with its own unique style, but all provided by reputable names. Fun88 offers odds for most major and minor football events happening worldwide, including the World Cup, of course. You can place various types of bets. In short, there is a wide selection of betting options for you to choose from comfortably.

10. BK8

BK8 is known as an online bookmaker established in 2017. Headquartered in Malta and licensed by the PAGCOR under the Philippines. In addition to providing sports betting services, especially football. BK8 is actively involved in sponsoring big clubs. This has shown the strong financial potential as well as the prestige of this bookmaker.

Join BK8 betting on the 2026 World Cup now
Join BK8 betting on the 2026 World Cup now

Website BK8 has always been the choice of many players when participating in football betting, especially the World Cup. You can choose to bet on the bookmaker’s website or mobile app. Besides, BK8 also developed a match livestream feature for you to both bet and watch the suffocating confrontations.

The most effective World Cup football betting experience

Make your own bets for matches

One of the experiences of World Cup football betting is that self-assessment of the strength of each team will help compare the bookmaker’s bet with his judgment. We need to make our own handicap for each match, then compare it to see if it is reasonable with the bookmaker’s handicap.

Refer to World Cup football preview

Football judgment is the process of predicting the outcome of a match, predicting the bookmaker’s bet in a football match. The top factors considered to make a judgment include the performance of the two players, their ability to play. These criteria will become the basis for the expert to give the odds of winning and losing of the two teams. 

According to long-time bettors with experience in betting on football World Cup 2026, the most effective is that you need to refer to the comments from reputable websites. Reviews of these World Cup football matches often come with the odds and types of odds that players should choose. So it will help you shape the team you decide to bet on in the tournament.

Best quality premium soccer tips today

Know the head-to-head history of the teams

Understanding the historical head-to-head records of football teams is crucial when it comes to the World Cup or any other football tournament. Therefore, it’s not difficult to find relevant information about upcoming matches and the tournament.

Having access to such data is essential for making accurate betting decisions. Especially, the head-to-head history acts as a mirror reflecting the real situation of the teams. Explore statistics regarding form and historical encounters of all football teams worldwide on major websites and reliable betting communities. Understanding the historical head-to-head records will help you assess matches accurately and recognize potential traps set by bookmakers.


Above, we have made a preliminary review of the 10 most prestigious “World Cup football betting” bookmakers today. Hope to help you have an objective view of the pros and cons of each bookmaker. To be able to choose for yourself the most suitable address. Wish you have moments of relaxing entertainment and can win great rewards when betting for your favorite team.

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