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Wrestling is a sport that is inherently picky to follow. However, in the world there is a wrestling program where the number of viewers is always approximately with 1 football match. That is WWE, a sport present in the United States. WWE gathers a strong cast of bodybuilders, large, muscular bodies. WWE matches take place with drama, excitement and surprise, always pushing viewers to the climax. Of course, along with that are the forms of making money from WWE and online betting is no exception. In this article, Wintips admin will introduce an overview of WWE betting as well as some reputable bookmakers for you. If you find it interesting, do not miss it.

WWE betting options with top bookmakers
WWE betting options with top bookmakers

Overview of WWE

What does WWE mean?

WWE is an abbreviation for the company World Wrestling Entertainment. The company operates in the fields of entertainment, sports, and mass media, focusing on television, the internet, and live event organization. It was founded on February 21, 1980, in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, USA, initially known as Titan Sports. Over time, it evolved and changed its name to World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and eventually to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which it retains to this day.

Currently, WWE is considered the largest and most prominent professional wrestling company globally. It houses an extensive library preserving numerous images tracing the industry’s growth from its inception. Vincent Kennedy McMahon serves as the current Chairman of WWE, with his wife, Linda McMahon, in the role of CEO.

While WWE’s primary business comes from professional wrestling, it also generates revenue through diverse services such as film, music, licensing, and direct product sales. According to WWE’s accurate statistics, their revenue in 2005 reached nearly $400 million, with a net profit of about $47 million. In May 2006, the company achieved revenues surpassing $1 billion.

Is WWE American Wrestling Real or Acted?

Have you watched WWE’s wrestling show? Will WWE hit for real? According to statistics, American wrestling viewers will have 3 types of feelings as follows:

  • First: For those who are new to WWE, it will feel like a complete hit.
  • Second: For those who have only watched it a few times, it will feel that WWE is fake but think it is real.
  • Third: Those who regularly watch and have a little knowledge of wrestling will find WWE to be fake and staged.

WWE matches are scripted performances, with rehearsed moves to reduce injuries. Viewers see realistic action, creating drama. However, real dangers exist, leading to injuries and tragic incidents, like Mass Transit’s death. Although WWE matches are all stages, there is an interesting thing that many of you probably do not know: the blood in the matches is the real blood of the wrestlers themselves. Usually they will use razor blades to cut a line on the forehead to bleed. Due to the cut wound at high altitude along with the intensity of vigorous, continuous movement, it will cause blood to flow down to wet the faces of the wrestlers.

Where does the appeal of WWE come from?

WWE professional wrestling is an engaging, dramatic spectacle that creates an authentic experience for viewers. The appeal lies in its gripping storylines and matches. Wrestlers are divided into faces (good guys) and heels (villains), each playing their roles. Stars often switch roles for variety. This global interest makes WWE intensely competitive and widely watched. While WWE is a tough, fiercely competitive performance sport worldwide, joining it is a dream for many wrestlers.

WWE is an American billion-dollar wrestling show
WWE is an American billion-dollar wrestling show

WWE offers substantial salaries and career growth, impressing audiences. Most wrestlers come from the US, followed by Japan. WWE’s reach extends beyond the US, spanning countries like Japan, Mexico, the UK, and Ireland. In the WWE matches are divided into 4 main arenas: Raw, SmackDown, NXT (NXT 205 Live – wrestlers under 205 LBS and NXT UK – a group of wrestlers competing in the UK). In each arena, there are many different championships, each championship will receive a corresponding belt. Currently in the WWE system there are a total of 21 championship belts.

Overview of WWE Betting

What is WWE betting?

WWE betting refers to the act of placing bets on the outcomes of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) events and matches. Just like with traditional sports betting, individuals can wager on various aspects of WWE matches, such as predicting the winner of a specific match, the occurrence of certain events during the match, or even overall outcomes of storylines.

The WWE betting is offered by some sportsbooks and gambling platforms, catering to fans who want to add an extra layer of excitement to their viewing experience. Keep in mind that WWE outcomes are scripted and predetermined, so betting on WWE involves speculating on the scripted storyline rather than genuine competition.

WWE betting rules at online bookmakers

WWE wrestling betting also adheres to very strict rules like many other money betting. As follows:

  • If 1 opponent gives up, the winner’s bet is still counted.
  • The basis for winning or losing is based on the referee’s decision.
  • Any changes in results after the end of the match are not counted.
  • The match is canceled or postponed, the bookmaker refunds the bet.
  • If the postponed match is reheld within 12 hours and within the same country, the handicap will still be counted.

Top 6 WWE bookmakers in the world

1. 22Bet

For an all-inclusive gambling experience, turn your attention to 22Bet. This premier platform boasts sports betting, casino games, live bingo, virtual sports, and a plethora of specialty games, catering to diverse interests. In line with its inclusive ethos, 22Bet offers bonuses tailored for both sports betting and casino enthusiasts. Their shop bonuses let you exchange loyalty points for free bets, spins, and merchandise, ensuring something for everyone.

22Bet – Wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods for WWE bettors
22Bet – Wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods for WWE bettors

While 22Bet boasts numerous strengths, a few weaknesses exist. Our intention is to provide a comprehensive review, presenting both advantages and drawbacks, empowering you with the full picture before diving into 22Bet. Upon completing this 22Bet review, you’ll possess a thorough understanding of the platform. Feel free to navigate directly through the link above for immediate gambling or to specific sections for targeted information. This review serves as your comprehensive guide to 22Bet.

2. Bet365

In their advertisements, Bet365 asserts themselves as the world’s favorite online sports betting company. While I can’t personally verify this claim, I can attest that Bet365 holds a special place among my preferred gambling sites. It’s a platform I frequently utilize, and many of my friends share the sentiment. Admittedly, the ads have become more of an annoyance due to their repetition.

Bet365 – One of the best WWE betting sites for making cryptocurrency deposits
Bet365 – One of the best WWE betting sites for making cryptocurrency deposits

My affinity for Bet365 stems from its exceptional quality rather than just the ads. While it’s not flawless, I’ve explored various gambling sites over the years, and few have left as lasting an impression as Bet365. My continued active use, even 15 years after my initial registration, is grounded in the platform’s merits. It’s no wonder that Bet365 enjoys immense popularity worldwide, boasting millions of satisfied customers.

3. BetOnline

For a dependable WWE betting experience, look no further than BetOnline, our top-ranked WWE sportsbook. BetOnline boasts a dedicated wrestling section, expertly covering major WWE events like Royal Rumble, offering a plethora of futures markets and WWE betting odds. A standout feature is the daily odds boosts, elevating potential returns for successful bets. The user-friendly site includes an integrated tool for odds boosts and accommodates prop bets.

BetOnline – Best WWE sportsbook in 2023
BetOnline – Best WWE sportsbook in 2024

Beyond WWE, BetOnline shines as one of the industry’s premier offshore sportsbooks and offers diverse sports betting options, including being a top MLB betting app. Additionally, their welcome bonus is noteworthy. Upon signing up and using the BetOnline promo code, you’re eligible for a 50% match deposit bonus, maxing out at $1,000. Notably, the bonus requires minimum odds of -200 for utilization.

4. BetUS

BetUS boasts extensive and comprehensive sports coverage, displaying both breadth and depth. In the realm of WWE, BetUS provides an array of markets for WWE Raw events. The platform supports bets in futures markets and offers live betting opportunities. Notably, a last-minute bets section allows timely wagers right before the main event unfolds.

BetUS – Best WWE Betting Site For Welcome Bonuses
BetUS – Best WWE Betting Site For Welcome Bonuses

Beyond its modernity and versatility, BetUS stands out as a reputable WWE betting site with over two decades of operation. Security is paramount, and BetUS excels in this aspect—a vital criterion when seeking a reliable offshore operator. Betting on WWE with BetUS is seamless, enhanced by an excellent mobile betting platform.


Bovada is flexing its WWE betting prowess, offering an expanded selection of WWE betting picks. Renowned for spread betting, Bovada’s innovation shines with #whatsyawager. Here, exclusive odds requests for WrestleMania markets thrive, elevating your betting experience for this premier event.

Bovada - Top Choice WWE Betting App for US Residents
Bovada – Top Choice WWE Betting App for US Residents

Beyond this, Bovada excels as a top-tier sports betting app, enabling on-the-go WWE contest streaming and seamless live betting. As one of the finest parlay betting apps, Bovada enhances your betting excitement. Notably, its standout feature is the Bitcoin Welcome Bonus, solidifying its position as a premier WWE betting site.


Look no further than MyBookie for WWE betting trends and predictions. This sportsbook excels in WWE betting odds, featuring futures markets for WrestleMania winners and Moneyline prices per show. Moreover, MyBookie’s dedicated blog provides valuable news and tips, constantly updated by their team. Whether you’re curious about Roman Reigns or the Undertaker, MyBookie is your go-to source. Enjoy live betting for uninterrupted action and easy wager adjustments.

MyBookie - Excellent Source for WWE Betting Tips and News
MyBookie – Excellent Source for WWE Betting Tips and News

MyBookie’s welcome bonus is exceptional. Use the promo code INSIDERS at the cashier to claim a $1,000 bonus with a 50% deposit match.

Types of bets in WWE betting

Winner’s bet

This handicap is that you put money on the wrestler who will win the match. The odd levels will be given by the bookmaker and if guessed correctly, it will eat money.

Overall winner bet

  • You will predict the winner of the tournament and this bet is opened very early.
  • If at the end of the tournament, you guess the champion wrestler, you will eat big money.


The dealer will give the odds and you need to set the door for the wrestler you match.

The odds in WWE are varied
The odds in WWE are varied

For example: Wrestler A handicap B is 3.5 points we will have:

  • If A wins with a difference of 4 points or more, betting on A will eat money, B loses money.
  • Betting on A loses money if B wins or A wins by a margin of 3 points or less.

Fundamental Principles of WWE Betting

  • Utilizing mobile apps or online gambling platforms for WWE is permissible. But yet adhering to essential tenets of professional wrestling betting is paramount.
  • Pre-determined Outcomes – WWE’s writers determine match results, not wrestlers. Always prepare your bets with this understanding.
  • Profit Motive – Earning revenue is WWE’s ultimate goal, driving storytelling to engage audiences.
  • Interconnected Storylines – Analyze rivalry history and anticipate its trajectory before placing real-money WWE bets.
  • Limited Favorable Odds – Excessive betting might lead astray. WWE betting options are sparse, typically centered on the victor.

How to bet on WWE at the bookmakers?

Equipped with insights on WWE betting, let’s demonstrate using BetOnline as our reference.

Step 1: Register with BetOnline

Visit BetOnline’s website and select ‘Join Now.’ Complete the registration form, including personal details like name, address, and phone number.

Step 2: Confirm Your Email

Verify your identity by clicking the link sent by BetOnline. Ensure it’s the correct email.

Step 3: Fund Your Account

After verification, proceed to the cashier and deposit funds. Utilize the BetOnline promo code BOL1000 to claim bonuses.

WWE betting attracts a large number of participants
WWE betting attracts a large number of participants

Step 4: Initiate Betting

Now, start placing bets. Navigate to the WWE section, selecting your preferred markets.

WWE Betting Experience

  • A tip for the brothers when playing WWE betting is to learn from the previous players.
  • Bet on wrestlers who are in their prime, winning in a row.
  • It is recommended to carefully find out the information of 2 wrestlers.
  • Do not trust too much in the odds offered by the bookmaker because up to 50% are odds.
  • It is best to follow the match to adjust the odds accordingly.
  • Only play from 2 to 3 odds to be able to focus on analysis better.
  • Although skew tickets have large prizes, the advice for bettors is to limit play and place little money.

Always determine the losing mentality so as not to experience psychological pressure and be motivated to control the game best.


Often bookmakers will change the odd level of WWE betting continuously. You need to be alert, must carefully calculate situations to increase wins and reduce losses for yourself. With the above information, apply it wisely. Do not forget to share widely so that the new players know and enter the game more successfully. Thank you for your interest in this article by Wintips.com. Visit our website every day to update more useful betting knowledge.

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