List of top 10 youngest player in Laliga the most sought after

13/05/2024 Betting News

On the La Liga pitch, young talents are emerging as shining stars in the skies of Spanish football. Every season, clubs in Spain look for young players with potential to improve the quality of their squads and secure their sporting future. This year, La Liga has again witnessed the emergence of promising young faces, captivating people with talent and determination on the pitch. In this article, let’s take a look at Wintips to list the top 10 youngest player in Laliga, who are doing wonders and are an inspiration to the future generation of Spanish football.

Top 10 youngest player in Laliga

1. Yeremy Pino (19 years old) – Villarreal

After the 2021/22 season, Yeremy Pino has become a prominent name in world football. As a Spanish midfielder, Pino is highly regarded for his individual technique and fast pace on the field. His impressive performances in the colors of “The Yellow Submarine” (Villarreal) have made a strong impression and he is one of the most anticipated talents for the upcoming season.

Yeremy Pino - Youngest player in Laliga
Yeremy Pino – Youngest player in Laliga

Yeremy Pino is not only a talented player but also a highly influential figure. He has shown creativity and skill in every match, helping Villarreal achieve impressive results. With his speed and ability to outplay opponents, Pino has created many dangerous opportunities for his teammates. Therefore, closely following Yeremy Pino’s development in the upcoming season is eagerly awaited by many fans.

2. Mohamed-Ali Cho (18 years old) – Real Sociedad

Mohamed-Ali moved to Real Sociedad from Angers FC with high expectations. Despite being only 18 years old, the French forward made an impression in his appearances in Ligue 1, totaling 52 appearances on the field. Among these, he scored 4 goals and provided 1 assist. This is a noteworthy achievement, especially for a young player like Ali.

Mohamed Ali Cho - Youngest player in Laliga
Mohamed Ali Cho – Youngest player in Laliga

Joining Real Sociedad promises a bright future for Mohamed-Ali. He is highly regarded for his attacking ability and creativity on the field. With his youthful energy and talent, Ali could bring new breakthroughs to Real Sociedad’s attacking line. This is an important turning point in Ali’s career, and Real Sociedad fans are eagerly anticipating his contributions in the coming time.

3. Luiz Henrique (21 years old) – Real Betis

Luiz Henrique joined Real Betis in the summer transfer window of 2022 for a fee of 8 million euros from Fluminense after three seasons in Brazil’s top league. Born in 2001, he is a winger highly regarded for his speed, technique, and accurate shooting ability. Before moving to Spain to play for Real Betis, Luiz Henrique left a strong impression at Fluminense.

Luiz Henrique - Youngest player in Laliga
Luiz Henrique – Youngest player in Laliga

Moving to La Liga marks an important milestone in Luiz Henrique’s career. Real Betis, along with their fans, hope that he will bring breakthroughs and effectiveness in the upcoming season. With talent and experience from Brazil, Luiz Henrique is predicted to easily adapt to the professional football environment in Spain.

Real Betis fans are excited about his debut in La Liga and expect impressive performances that contribute to the team’s success in the new season. Luiz Henrique’s arrival at Real Betis signifies a significant increase in the club’s strength and potential in the La Liga race.

4. Cristhian Mosquera (18 years old) – Valencia

Cristhian Mosquera is an outstanding product of Valencia’s talent development system, having spent over a decade honing his skills since joining the club’s youth team in 2004. He has made significant progress and shown excellent maturity in his career. Standing at an ideal height of 1.91m and possessing a strong physique, Cristhian Mosquera is considered one of the most promising young defenders not only in Spain but across Europe.

Cristhian Mosquera - Youngest player in Laliga
Cristhian Mosquera – Youngest player in Laliga

He has steadily developed and pursued a professional football career since joining Valencia’s youth system. With experience and training at various levels, Muslimra has demonstrated his abilities and talents in building a professional football career. With his ideal physique and impressive height, he is highly regarded and considered one of the top young defenders in Europe.

5. Nico Gonzalez (20 years old) – Valencia

Nico Gonzalez is a standout product of Barcelona’s La Masia academy, which has nurtured and trained many young talents. Despite his potential, Nico struggled to secure a starting position in Barcelona’s first team. After failing to find enough development opportunities at Camp Nou, Nico Gonzalez is rumored to move to Valencia in the 2022/23 season to seek new playing opportunities and challenges.

Nico Gonzalez - Youngest player in Laliga
Nico Gonzalez – Youngest player in Laliga

Last season, Nico appeared in 27 La Liga matches for Barcelona and scored 2 goals. Despite not being regularly utilized, he always strives to prove himself whenever on the field. Moving to Valencia could be an important step in Nico’s career, providing him with opportunities to showcase his talent and establish himself in Spanish and European football. Testing himself in a new environment may also boost Nico’s confidence and career progression.

6. Arnau Martinez (19 years old) – Girona

Arnau Martinez is set to make his La Liga debut in the 2022/23 season. With an impressive record last season, the 2003-born forward for Girona played over 40 times across all competitions. With such performances, Martinez has earned the trust of Girona and is expected to bring creativity and effectiveness to the team’s attack.

Arnau Martinez - Laliga youngest player
Arnau Martinez – Laliga youngest player

Martinez made a strong impression in Girona’s colors last season. Being regularly fielded in various tournaments demonstrates the talent and potential of this young player. Moving up to Girona’s first team and joining La Liga is a new challenge for Martinez, but he will embrace it and grow from these experiences.

With expectations from the club and fans, Martinez is expected to contribute significantly to Girona’s noteworthy attack and achieve positive results in the upcoming season. His La Liga debut is an opportunity to showcase his talent and professional growth.

7. Williot Swedberg (18 years old) – Celta Vigo

Williot Swedberg, a Swedish player, moved from Hammarby to Celta Vigo in the summer 2022 transfer window. Swedberg had an impressive 2021/22 season, scoring 6 goals in 21 appearances for Hammarby. He is considered an important addition to Celta Vigo’s midfield for the new season, providing necessary attacking skills and efficiency to the team.

Williot Swedberg - Laliga youngest player
Williot Swedberg – Laliga youngest player

Swedberg’s arrival at Celta Vigo is a strategic move and is expected to enhance the team’s strength in the midfield. With his goal-scoring ability and attacking versatility, Swedberg is expected to contribute to balancing and improving Celta Vigo’s performance in the upcoming season. His presence in Celta Vigo’s lineup also opens up potential and expectations for his development in the future.

8. Marko Milovanovic (19 years old) – Almeria

Marko Milovanovic, aged 19, is one of Serbia’s top talents known for his impressive physique, standing at 1.94m, resembling a “tank” when attacking. He had an impressive performance last season and is highly regarded in Serbian football.

With an impressive physique, Milovanovic possesses strength and aerial dominance along with excellent heading ability. These are important factors that enable him to perform well in attacking roles. Additionally, Milovanovic’s talent and technique are highly regarded, bringing diversity and effectiveness to his play.

Marko Milovanovic - Laliga youngest player
Marko Milovanovic – Laliga youngest player

With his potential and talent, Marko Milovanovic is expected to continue developing and achieving new milestones in his football career. His presence in Serbian football is also inspirational for other young talents and plays a crucial role in the country’s football future.

9. Kaiky Melo (18 years old) – Almeria

Kaiky Melo is considered one of Brazil’s top talents in the central defender position. At just 18 years old, he joined Almeria for 8 million euros and is expected to become a pillar in the team’s defense in the future.

Kaiky Melo stands out for his intelligent defensive skills and precise ball handling. He can play as a central or auxiliary defender, with strong heading abilities and readiness to participate in attacking situations from defensive positions. His quick maturity and self-confidence on the field have quickly attracted attention from major clubs.

Kaiky Melo - Laliga youngest player
Kaiky Melo – Laliga youngest player

With his debut at Almeria, Kaiky Melo has the opportunity to continue developing and refining his skills in a professional football environment. The club hopes Melo will bring stability and quality to their defense, becoming a prominent young star in the Spanish championship.

10. Gonzalo Plata (21 years old) – Valladolid

Gonzalo Plata made a significant contribution to help Valladolid return to La Liga in the 2022/23 season. The 2000-born forward scored 6 goals and provided 5 assists in 30 appearances in La Liga 2 last season. With these impressive achievements, Gonzalo Plata is expected to shine in his debut season in La Liga.

Plata is a versatile attacking player, capable of controlling the ball well and creating dangerous goal-scoring opportunities. He is renowned for his speed and exceptional individual technique, effectively surpassing opposing defenders. His sharpness and experience from La Liga 2 will be strengths that help Plata quickly adapt to the La Liga environment.

Gonzalo Plata - Laliga youngest player
Gonzalo Plata – Laliga youngest player

With expectations from the club and fans, Gonzalo Plata could become a standout name in the upcoming season, bringing breakthroughs and goal-scoring abilities to Valladolid. His presence will be an important factor in helping the team maintain its position in Spain’s top tier.


As such, these youngest player in Laliga are truly a brilliant hope for Spanish football. With their development and potential, La Liga is witnessing a promising period where young players can shine and make their mark in the history of the kingdom’s sport. Let’s look forward and follow the careers of these players, because certainly, they will bring many new joys and emotions to football fans around the world. La Liga – where dreams come true, and young stars are the driving force to create miracles on the pitch.

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