Best betting sites for horse racing - Top 10 Legal Options

12/06/2023 Betting News

Horse racing is one of the oldest and earliest forms of sport in the world. In the past, horse races were exclusively reserved for the nobility, as only those with wealth could participate. As technology has advanced, horse racing has become increasingly popular and is now one of the favored recreational sports. With online bookmakers, you can engage in horse racing games or live online horse racing with a multitude of attractive betting odds. With a diverse range of options and continuous organization, horse racing betting is increasingly attracting more bettors. If you’re still unsure about where to play, don’t miss the comprehensive article “Best betting sites for horse racing – Top 10 Legal Options” by Wintips, an expert in the field.

The best betting sites for horse racing in 2023
The best betting sites for horse racing in 2023

Online Horse Betting Sites in 2023

1. FanDuel

The leading online sports betting application for potential bettors has a dedicated app for horse racing. FanDuel Racing provides a sleek and user-friendly interface similar to the FanDuel Sportsbook app. It is available in over 20 states different. Depositing money into your FanDuel Racing account is easy. The app accepts debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal, and you can also use the convenient FanDuel Racing Prepaid Card.

FanDuel online bookmaker
FanDuel online bookmaker

On average, there is a new race to bet on every five minutes, and bettors can watch horse races live on FanDuel Racing. You can place bets on all the major races with FanDuel Racing. Bet on the Belmont Stakes, Breeders’ Cup, and Pegasus World Cup. Starting with the Kentucky Derby 2023, customers can bet on the Run for the Roses using the FanDuel Sportsbook app.

2. Betway

Number 2 on the list of best betting site free bets for horse racing is bookmaker Betway. It is a popular choice for customers looking to bet on horse races from around the world. Betway provides a wide range of betting options for various types of horse racing events, including flat racing, jump racing, harness racing, and more.

Sports betting at Betway
Sports betting at Betway

Customers can access racecards, form guides, and other essential information to make informed betting decisions. Betway Horse Racing offers a variety of bet types, including win, place, each-way, forecast, and tricast bets. The platform also provides competitive odds and regular promotions to enhance the betting experience for customers.

3. 1XBET

1Xbet is currently a dominant name in the online betting industry. It is considered one of the established names that emerged early on when online betting began to flourish. If you are new to this playground, especially in horse racing, 1Xbet is worth exploring. Being recognized as one of the giants specializing in both football and horse racing betting, with operations in 51 countries, 1Xbet is expected to become a leading player in the future.

1XBET with high odds, variety
1XBET with high odds, variety

One of the smart ways to engage in horse racing betting is to choose a reputable bookmaker. 1Xbet is a trusted online betting platform offering a diverse range of products and formats, along with attractive promotional programs. Additionally, 1Xbet provides fast transactions and ensures a secure policy, which players can rely on and trust.

4. 22Bet

22bet is a popular online betting platform that also offers horse racing options. With a wide range of betting markets and competitive odds, 22bet provides an exciting and immersive experience for horse racing enthusiasts. At 22Bet, you can find various horse racing events from around the world to bet on. They cover major races, including prestigious competitions like the Kentucky Derby, Grand National, Melbourne Cup, and more.

22Bet bookmaker highlights in 2023
22Bet bookmaker highlights in 2023

The platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both experienced bettors and newcomers to navigate and place their bets. In addition to horse racing, 22bet also offers a diverse selection of sports betting options, casino games, and other online gambling activities. With their secure payment methods, reliable customer support, and attractive promotions, 22bet strives to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable betting experience for its users.

5. Bet365

At Bet365, you can find a wide selection of horse racing markets to choose from. They cover major races and events, including flat racing, jumps racing, and harness racing. Bet365 offers competitive odds, live streaming of races, and in-depth statistics and analysis to assist bettors in making informed decisions. The platform also provides various types of bets, such as win, place, each-way, and exotic bets like exacta, trifecta, and quinella.

Bet365 has never let down
Bet365 has never let down

Bet365 ensures a seamless betting experience with their intuitive interface, mobile compatibility, and quick payment processing. Furthermore, Bet365 offers attractive promotions and bonuses specifically tailored for horse racing enthusiasts. Their dedicated customer support is available to assist users with any queries or concerns they may have.

6. DraftKings

DraftKings is launching a standalone app specifically for horse racing. The sportsbook has partnered with Churchill Downs and will introduce DK Horse, expected to be available in over 20 states in time for the Kentucky Derby in May 2023. For the initial launch of DK HORSE, customers will register and deposit funds separately from their DraftKings Sportsbook accounts.

Top Celebrity Bookmaker DraftKings
Top Celebrity Bookmaker DraftKings

In addition to DK Horse, DraftKings also offers free horse racing contests with cash prizes. Bettors submit their selections prior to the start of the race, and customers who accurately predict the outcomes will qualify for a share of the available cash prizes.

7. DRF Horse Race Betting

You may not have heard of DFR, but it is one of the best horse racing platforms currently available in the United States. DFR stands for Daily Racing Form and has been providing analysis and news for online horse racing and betting for 127 years. Now, it is a place where many US residents can bet on races if they are of legal age to do so. The DRF app displays results for major races that have taken place, along with key information about upcoming races.

Referring to horse racing betting is a must-mention DRF
Referring to horse racing betting is a must-mention DRF

There are plenty of options to choose from at DRF. Bet on thoroughbred racing or harness racing. Get a matching bonus up to $200 when you sign up for the first time and fund your account. Earn rewards when you place bets, including DRF store credits up to $100 per month and up to 5% cashback on bets.

8. AmWager

One of the best betting sites for horse racing to mention is AmWager. For customers who prioritize a fast and user-friendly betting platform, AmWager may be your choice when it comes to horse race betting. AmWager prides itself on being over 60 times faster than other betting websites by combining their betting tools, data, and pool updates. AMWager offers wagering on over 1,000 races per day at nearly 500 tracks on 364 days per year.

Play betting while getting great deals at AmWager
Play betting while getting great deals at AmWager

Sign-up bonuses are available for new customers. AMWager will match your first deposit up to $150 as long as you wager $150 within the first 30 days from the date of funding your account. Bettors can also earn cashback rewards. The rewards program includes a percentage back on your total wagering on most bets, win or lose.

9. BetMGM Horse Racing

A renowned brand established in the online casino and sports betting industry also has a foothold in the world of horse racing. BetMGM Horse Racing makes horse betting easy, even for inexperienced bettors. The app features clear instructional tabs on how to place bets on races. Information is provided regarding how horses have performed in their previous races.

The credibility of BetMGM is undisputed
The credibility of BetMGM is undisputed

BetMGM Horse Racing also offers detailed explanations for various types of bets, such as exacta, trifecta, and superfecta. BetMGM Online Horse Racing is reliable when it comes to fast and easy payment transactions. New customers can take advantage of a 100% deposit match bonus up to $200.

10. BetUK Horse Racing

BetUK Horse Racing is an online platform that offers horse racing betting services. It provides a range of options for customers to bet on horse races taking place in the UK and around the world. BetUK Horse Racing allows users to place bets on various race types, such as flat racing, National Hunt racing, and more. The platform provides detailed information about upcoming races, including racecards, form guides, jockey and trainer statistics, and odds. Customers can choose from a variety of bet types, including win, place, each-way, forecast, and tricast bets.

Top UK bookmakers - BetUK
Top UK bookmakers – BetUK

BetUK Horse Racing also offers promotions and bonuses for customers, such as enhanced odds, free bets, and loyalty rewards. It aims to provide a user-friendly and secure betting experience, ensuring that customers can enjoy the excitement of horse racing while placing their bets online.

Essential online horse racing betting games

What is legal horse racing betting?

Legal horse racing online betting refers to placing bets on horse races through online platforms or websites that operate within the legal framework of the jurisdiction where the better is located. This form of betting allows individuals to wager on horse races conveniently and remotely using their computer, smartphone, or other internet-enabled devices. The legality of online horse racing betting can vary from country to country and even within different regions within a country. In many jurisdictions where horse racing is legal, online betting platforms are licensed and regulated by the appropriate gambling authorities to ensure fair play, consumer protection, and adherence to responsible gambling practices.

To participate in legal online horse racing betting, it is important to comply with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction where you reside. This may involve adhering to the legal framework and regulations set forth by the governing authorities in your country or region. This could include using online betting platforms that are authorized and licensed to operate legally within your nation or locality. It is advisable to conduct thorough research to select the best betting sites for horse racing. All platforms must be closely managed and ensure safety and security measures are in place.

Basic horse racing betting rules

The legal bookmaker specify the race time, the betting entry period, and the available betting options. When the horse race ends, the results are publicly announced, and those who correctly predicted the winning betting option will receive a payout. Those who predicted the wrong betting option accept the loss of their bet.

The rules of horse racing betting need to be mastered
The rules of horse racing betting need to be mastered

The participating horses are numbered, and players choose the type of betting ticket, the horse to bet on, and the corresponding amount of money. The bookmakers will pay out winnings based on the betting odds to ensure accuracy. In the case of a horse withdrawing from the race, the betting tickets are calculated according to the bookmaker’s horse racing betting rules as follows:

  • For single bets, the player will receive a refund of the bet amount.
  • For double, treble, and fourfold bets, only the stake related to the withdrawn horse will be refunded.
  • For cross bets, the number of times the cross bet is executed will be reduced.

Horse Racing Bet Types

Currently, there are many types of online horse racing betting options available to passionate participants. Here are some categories with specific characteristics for your reference compiled from the best online horse racing betting sites in 2023:

Single Bet (WIN)

According to the horse racing betting rules, this type of ticket is placed on one horse participating in a specific race. The winning ticket is the one that correctly selects the horse that finishes first. The minimum number of horses required to participate in the betting is three.

Exacta Bet (EXACTA)

In a race with eight horses, this type of ticket is placed on three horses predicted to finish in any order as first, second, and third. The winning ticket is the one that correctly selects one horse to finish first, second, and third according to the predicted results.

For races with 5-7 horses participating, the ticket is placed on two horses of choice. The winning ticket is the one that correctly selects a horse to finish either first or second according to the predicted results.

Trifecta Bet (TRIFECTA)

This type of bet is placed on three horses in a specific race, predicting the exact order of finish for first, second, and third. The winning ticket is the one that correctly selects the horse for first, second, and third place. The minimum number of horses required to start the betting is four.

Quartet Bet (QUARTET)

This type of bet is placed on four horses participating in a race, specifying the exact order of finish.

This should only be considered a purely recreational activity
This should only be considered a purely recreational activity

The winning ticket is the one that correctly selects the four horses to finish first, second, third, and fourth. The minimum number of horses participating to organize this type of bet is six.

Superfecta Bet (SUPERFECTA6)

The winning ticket is the one that correctly selects the six horses to finish first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth in the exact order of the official results. The minimum number of horses required to start this type of bet is eight.

Online horse racing betting tips from masters

Understand the rules and gameplay

If you participate in online horse racing betting, the first thing any bettor needs to know is to understand the rules and how to place horse racing bets. Online horse racing games offer a variety of betting options, each with different playing styles, so it’s essential to research and choose the most advantageous betting option for yourself. Once you have a firm grasp of the rules, you will be more confident in making betting decisions, increasing your chances of winning.

The same applies to online coin horse racing games. Although each gaming platform may have different variations of gameplay, you should pay attention to:

  • The duration in which the gaming platform allows players to place bets.
  • Gather information about the race and the participating horses to make accurate predictions.
  • The race ends when the horse completes the race, and the results are immediately revealed.

Thoroughly research the participating horses

The next horse racing betting tip is to pay attention to the strength, endurance, and speed of each horse to make accurate betting decisions. When betting on a specific horse, you need to carefully consider the following factors after each race. This is crucial in making accurate betting decisions. Not every winning horse is the healthiest or the fastest and won’t necessarily win the next race.

Analyze information about online horse races

Before placing a bet, you need to analyze and understand the information about the races taking place at the best betting site for horse racing that we mentioned above. Before each match, all information about racehorses will be publicly provided by the betting platform.

Find out the information carefully before placing a bet
Find out the information carefully before placing a bet

Therefore, you should take the time to thoroughly and accurately analyze this information. This will help you gain more experience in horse racing and help you become a skilled player in this legendary sport.

Maintain a relaxed mindset

Remember to always maintain a relaxed mindset in different situations. A relaxed mindset is also the key to winning in online horse racing betting. Ensure that you don’t carry any mental burdens, financial concerns, or pressures related to everything else to have a better ability to analyze and make accurate judgments. 

Implement detailed betting strategies

If you place a bet on a horse with excessively high odds, you might lose more money if it doesn’t win. Therefore, this is also a crucial factor to consider when playing online horse racing games for real money. Determine how much money you should bet on each horse race, choose a suitable betting method, and control your participation time in coin horse racing games. Remember not to pour all your money into a single horse race, as it can easily result in losing everything.


In conclusion, online horse racing betting is becoming increasingly popular as technology advances. What was once reserved for the elite is now accessible to a broader audience. With numerous available online betting platforms, enthusiasts can participate in horse racing games or live races with attractive betting odds. If you’re interested in exploring this exciting form of entertainment. The remember to research reputable and legal online betting websites, as provided by Wintips in their article. Bet responsibly and enjoy the thrill of horse racing from the comfort of your own home.

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