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FB88 is the leading reputable bookmaker today providing players with the best-rated betting service available today. Besides, promotions are also what help Fb88 be known by many players and give positive feedback. So when participating in this bookmaker, do you know which FB88 promotion you should join? With today’s article, you will find yourself the most suitable promotions to participate in betting and receive rewards.

About fb88 bookmaker promotion

Fb88 is an exciting and innovative betting brand that provides players with a secure, licensed and reliable entertainment system page. Fb88 was built by leading experts in the gaming supply entertainment industry. Therefore, this bookmaker is always focused and on the right track in maintaining the best and fairest entertainment environment.

Bonnus FB88
Bonnus FB88

Fb88 bookmakers always know how to take advantage of opportunities as well as create emphasis points to attract players to their side. One of the points that this bookmaker is doing very well is to offer many attractive promotions, these promotions help Fb88 always have a great attraction and create excitement for players who are in need of learning about this bookmaker.

Fb88 understands the psychology of players should launch promotions that benefit them such as promotions for new players to join and deposit for the first time, reload bonuses, depending on the program, the rate of bonus received back is also different. Besides, there are countless other promotions that we will learn about later.

Featured promotions at Fb88

Fb88’s promotion packages are currently divided into 4 main categories, namely: Promotions for new members, reload bonus promotions, special promotions and refund promotions. Details are as follows.

Promotions for new members

This promotion will usually be reserved for 1 new ID address when players successfully register for FB88 accounts, that is, you only receive 1 time with the same ID that you already have. Specifically, the sub-programs of the new member promotion are as follows:

  • Register and make your first deposit today at FB88.Com to earn 100% Welcome bonus up to USD 100.
  • Join now & Get Welcome Bonus up to 150% on first deposit.
  • Register and make your first deposit today at FB88.Com to receive 38% bonus up to USD 68

Reload bonus promotion

This promotion was launched by online bookmaker Fb88 to give to all players who have trusted and supported Fb88 during its inception until now. With the 3rd deposit of Fb88 into the bookmaker, players will immediately receive a bonus of plus 30% of the transfer value, this bonus can be up to 50 USD.

Reload bonus promotion
Reload bonus promotion

Return promotion

Fb88 cashback promotions like these are usually reserved for all loyal, long-term, hardworking bettors, daily depositors, and you have achieved a number of personal honors such as: Saint, legend, master, professional, amateur. The refund amount will be gradually reduced by the bookmaker according to the titles arranged from high to low as above that we have talked about.

The forms and content applied by Fb88 bookmakers in this refund promotion are: Sports (maximum refund 0.5%), online casino (maximum refund 1%), spinning jar (maximum refund 1%), keno & ilotto (maximum refund 1.2%). In addition, Fb88 promotions also have additional loss insurance packages for those who quickly download the Fb88 mobile app to participate in betting. Under this package, players will receive a cashback amount of 18% of the value of lost bets.

Note when using Fb88 promo code

When participating in using and receiving Fb88 promotion rewards at this bookmaker, players need to be very aware of the following issues:

  • Promotions, incentives, amounts donated by Fb88 bookmakers often have accompanying conditions. Therefore, you should carefully read the terms to see if you can receive the Fb88 promotion.
  • The “number of rounds” in the promotion is calculated based on the amount deposited. For example, if you deposit $ 50 and receive a $ 50 promotion, this program stipulates a bet of 25 rounds before withdrawing, then you will have to wager a total of $ 1250.
  • Some promotions have a start and end period, and if you don’t update regularly, you may encounter expired promotions.
  • Often Fb88 promotions are not applied simultaneously with each other. For example, gifts are not promoted with refunds… You should note this to avoid wondering why you can’t participate in the promotion.
  • It is not recommended to create multiple accounts at the same time to receive bonuses, because if the Fb88 side detects more than 1 account on 1 Internet address, they can lock the account and prevent you from withdrawing FB88 funds anymore.
Note when using Fb88 promo code
Note when using Fb88 promo code

General rules of all promotions at Fb88

  • Each player is only allowed to register and participate in the promotion with 1 single valid betting account at the Fb88 bookmaker.
  • Fb88 bookmaker reserves the right to withdraw any promotion and all bonuses and winnings if the player has already received it.
  • All offers from Fb88 are only available to registered members with accurate complete information (Contact Number, Full Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, Bank Account Information,…).
  • Fb88 promotions are for recreational players only, and Fb88 may, at its sole discretion, limit a player’s participation in any ongoing promotions.
  • Before any withdrawals are processed, the bookmaker will consider whether the player has any violations of the bookmaker’s terms and conditions.
  • If any of the terms of the offer/promotion is violated by the player, or if there is evidence of a betting violation, the withdrawal feature will be disabled by the bookmaker.
  • Any abuse of the bonus offer will result in the closure of the account for a period of time and permanently.
  • Fb88’s decision is final.

Frequently asked questions

Should I join FB88 promotion?

The promotions at Fb88 are very diverse and attractive. If you have just created an account here, please quickly access the promotions section to choose for yourself the right offer.

Is it possible to withdraw money from FB88 promotion?

Fb88 bonuses will not be instantly withdrawn, but must go through betting rounds according to the bookmaker's regulations. In addition, players who violate the provisions of the Charter of using the service are found to be unable to withdraw money.

Why are you eligible but still unable to withdraw the promotion?

If eligible but unable to receive the offer, it may be because the player violates the terms to own multiple Fb88 accounts on one network. FB88 stipulates that each Internet connection can only register one account to prevent players from creating multiple accounts to enjoy promotions, or group bets, cross-stakes,...

What channels does FB88 announce promotions on?

FB88 offers promotions through information channels such as website, fanpage, application. Therefore, if you follow or subscribe to FB88, it will be easy to recognize.


Through the above article, we have shared with you the most attractive and unique promotions of Fb88 bookmaker. Hopefully, it will help all players here have the opportunity to participate and conquer the special rewards from the Fb88 promotion. Finally wish you to bet at the real Fb88 have fun, reap a lot of money for yourself. Good luck!

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