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Over35tips.de is a website that provides predictions for football betting to players around the world. With a team of experts who have years of experience in football prediction, this website takes pride in the data they offer. They approach prediction by using statistical analysis and evaluating crucial factors related to matches, such as head-to-head history, team performance, player fitness, injuries, and absences, thereby delivering accurate and reliable predictions. To learn more about Over35tips.de, you can find additional information below.

Review page tips Over35tips.de
Review page tips Over35tips.de

Origin and Languague

The football betting tip website, Over35tips.de, does not provide clear information regarding its origins or the language it uses. However, it is evident that the website exclusively uses the English language. This suggests that they may operate on an international scale, targeting customers worldwide.

The lack of clear information about the website’s origin may raise concerns among some customers, particularly those interested in the reliability and credibility of the website. However, what matters most is that the website continues to offer accurate, effective, and highly regarded football betting tips. Therefore, if you aim to achieve more success in football betting, Over35tips.de remains a worthwhile option to consider.


The Over35tips.de website showcases notable expertise in design, featuring an elegant white color scheme. It has received praise from both experts and users for its mastery in maintaining simplicity and clarity across various categories and genres. Navigating through the website’s interface provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience, demanding minimal time and effort to become familiar with.

Interface Over35tips.de
Interface Over35tips.de

To enhance user convenience, the website proudly offers a variety of diverse payment methods, ensuring participants have options that suit their preferences. Notably, the pricing structure is exceptionally fair, given the value the website provides. The registration and payment process is thoughtfully and efficiently organized, reflecting a straightforward yet expedient approach that simplifies the user experience.

How is the Tips quality?

Romaniaviptips.eu is an outstanding platform that offers a wide range of soccer tips vip, including options like Handicap, Over/Under, and Both Teams to Score predictions. This diverse range is designed to cater to the varied needs of each player, with their unique preferences and strategies.

One of the standout features of this platform is their commitment to providing predictions with an average odds value exceeding 0.85. This instills confidence in bettors, ensuring that their wagers align with meticulously researched predictions from the platform. With detailed information and recommendations for competitive odds, Romaniaviptips.eu assists bettors in making informed decisions to maximize their potential profits.

What is the quality of the tips at Over35tips.de like?
What is the quality of the tips at Over35tips.de like?

The reliability of Romaniaviptips.eu is backed by impressive statistical data. Over the past three months, the platform has maintained a winning rate exceeding 80%. This success rate, based on statistical data, attests to the accuracy of their predictions and the effectiveness of their analytical methods. Romaniaviptips.eu is considered a reliable resource for bettors seeking consistent guidance and a foundation for improving their betting strategies.

Price and payment

Romaniaviptips.eu offers a single participation level, which covers the entire season:

  • ALL SEASON: 70 EUR for 30 WIN Tips
Pricing and payment at Over35tips.de
Pricing and payment at Over35tips.de

For further information, please feel free to reach out to them at [email protected].

Pros and Cons 


  • Fast and straightforward payments.
  • Quick email support.
  • Diverse betting tips (Handicap, Both Teams to Score, Over/Under).
  • High credibility and security assurance.
  • Honest track record.
  • High win rate: >80%.
  • Direct website payments.


  • Occasionally, there may be network delays during peak times.

Credibility and honesty

If you find yourself contemplating the purchase of football betting tips from Over35tips.de, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place for guidance. Our sincere advice is not just about considering, but also about confidently investing and trusting the recommendations provided here. The reliability and expertise of these insights have been meticulously validated within the betting community. Moreover, all those offering guidance on this platform have comprehensive profiles, allowing you to verify their login information and backgrounds.

We unequivocally assert that, backed by extensive experience in the field from some of the world’s top tipsters, the predictions presented on Over35tips.de consistently boast the highest probability of success. The commitment to the platform’s quality is evident through stringent standards for predictors, ensuring there’s no room for deception or misleading advice. What sets this platform apart is its dedication to transparency and integrity, fostering an environment where bettors can confidently participate.


Based on the information and advantages of Over35tips.de, we rate their service 8/10. With this rating, we recommend their service to football betting enthusiasts seeking accurate and effective betting tips. However, it’s important to carefully consider the pricing before deciding to purchase their tip packages. This will help you optimize your capital and maximize your profits. Good luck!

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